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The Austrian Bitcoin hype continues – the energy provider ‘Switch’ operating in Germany and Austria now accepts Bitcoin!

The provider Switch, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EnergieAllianzAustria is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. On the same time it proceeded it’s digitization by introducing WhatsApp as a communicational channel.


With the introduction of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a means of payment in Austria, we want to address primarily digital-affine customers and interested parties, explains Managing Director Christoph Schmidt.

This may be only a marketing move, to separate Switch from the other 40+ Austrian competitors and assure some media exposure; but it can lead to a butterfly effect, since accepting Bitcoin has never been as simple as it is nowadays. The accepted and received Bitcoin can automatically be exchanged for fiat money.

But take this with a pinch of salt, since you can’t even really see the Bitcoin symbol anywhere on their website. Even though the news was released one day ago (11.7.2017). Can it be that the news was released prematurely, given that just on the same day an Austrian Exchange started a big partnership with the Austrian post office?

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