genEOS is a business and technology ecosystem that enables blockchain adoption for its members. The ecosystem environment intends to provide an enterprise software development tools to technology members of the ecosystem, for the purpose of building and operating decentralized applications (“Dapps”) at enterprise scalability, interoperability, and performance.

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genEOS is a business and technology ecosystem that enables blockchain adoption for its members


Businesses: genEOS seeks to solve the blockchain adoption problems faced by enterprise, commercial, and SMB segments. Currently, most businesses do not possess adequate resources to capitalize on blockchain technology. genEOS is looking to assist businesses by providing them with these resources, such as Dapps, Maintenance, Support, Managed Services, Training, and Enablement. Outperforming businesses that are currently not looking into the benefits of blockchain technology, due to lack of expertise and infrastructure, shall have adequate tools that adhere to the standards expected of mission-critical applications. Commercial and SMB business owners should have access to an easy-to-use, powerful, secure, and business outcome-driven Dapp marketplace that will allow business owners to get a competitive advantage.

Technology: genEOS seeks to solve the blockchain adoption problems faced by technology professionals. Currently, there is an urgent need for an Integrated Development Environment for Blockchain, a common place similar to the Eclipse project for example, focused on providing web 2.0 programmers with an environment to develop decentralized applications. The other such technology adoption challenge is lack of adequate training and enablement. This latter issue genEOS is seeking to solve through organized training and enablement sessions provided by the members of the community who have already gained the status of subject matter experts


To create and maintain an enterprise ecosystem that enables widespread adoption of blockchain technology across businesses.


The genEOS mission is to create and maintain a blockchain technology-enabled ecosystem that provides business owners with business outcomedriven solutions, and technology professionals with an ability to monetize their subject matter expertise.

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Raised Capital:
500 ETH

Venture Round:
Secured Token Offering Venture Round

No fixed price. The price per token fluctuates depending on how many investors who participate in a specific distribution window.
ICO token Distribution:

90% - Secured Token Offering
10% - NextGenOne llc


Mining is not allowed

Mining is not allowed

Initial Coin Offering

genEOS Initial Coin Offering
ICO Launch:
26th of June 2018

ICO Finish:
23rd of December 2018

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:
still not tradable

Platform: Ethereum (ERC20 Token)

genEOS Offices and Locations
NextGenOne Foundation, LLC, 1718 Main Street Ste 200A, Sarasota, FL 34236, USA

Team behind genEOS


Alexander Landa genEOS


Alexander Landa

Executive Director, genEOS

Alexander Landa has over a two decades of proven experience creating and scaling complex business ecosystems enabled by the leading edge technologies.

Ronny Boesing genEOS


Ronny Boesing

CEO, OpenLedger ApS

Ronny Boesing is founder and CEO of OpenLedger ApS, supporting a fullecosystem of blockchain services for businesses including a decentralizedtrading platform, custom blockchain development for mid and large-scale businesses.

Dmitry Lavrenov genEOS


Dmitry Lavrenov

Dev Team Lead, genEOS

After gaining a degree in applied cryptography, Dmitry started his career as a software developer. He participated in the development of today’s best-in-class security solution for businesses. Dmitry’s strong belief in the security advantages of blockchain technology, his technical and programming skills let him participate in multiple blockchain projects, including those based on genEOS.

Ivan Bondaryk genEOS


Ivan Bondaryk


After beginning a career as a software engineer with a Master’s degree in computer science under his belt, Ivan recognized the enormous potential of blockchain technology and became one of its earliest adopters in 2014. He has been at the forefront of blockchain development ever since. He has taken a pivotal role in many successful projects, including the launch of a BitShares-powered decentralized exchange.

Desirée Falter genEOS


Desirée Falter

Event Manager

Desirée Falter is Events Coordinator and Hospitality Manager at genEOS, and works closely with the Marketing and PR Departments to organize and promote events. Through her excellent people skills, she has delivered results far exceeding expectations to a multitude of clients. Desiree´s knowledge of different cultures and protocols is evident in her professional work and therefore allows her to seamlessly deliver across a multitude of platforms at a high performance level.


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