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A travel agency in Argentina known as Garbarino Viajes will be accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment for its tickets. The company is the first in the sector in the country accepting crypto-payments. In order to offer this possibility, the company partnered with Bitex, a financial services company located in Buenos Aires.

The information has been released at the International Tourism Trade Fair of Latin America in Buenos Aires.

Garbarino Viajes Accepts Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow in Argentina and all over the world. This time, customers will be able to pay for hotels, plane tickets, packages and more using the most valuable virtual currency. The payment option will be available alongside debit and credit cards from different banks.

Fabián Schiavo, General Manager at Garbarino Viajes, commented about it:

“We decided to include digital payments using Bitcoin due to the fact that they offer a secure and quick process and because we are continuously thinking of how to innovate adopting technological solutions to facilitate to our clients the choice of their next trip.”

Manuel Beaudroit, Marketing Director at Bitex, said that there is an increased demand all over the world for adopting Bitcoin and similar services. Additionally, he explained that Argentina is a global leader in projects related to Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Indeed, at CoinStaker we have written that Buenos Aires is one of the most important cities for virtual currency and blockchain projects around the world. In Latin America, it is certainly a cryptocurrency hub that has expanded in the last couple of years.

Garbarino Viajes is not the first company in the tourism sector that decided to accept virtual currency payments. CheapAir, for example, accepts Bitcoin for payments on its platform. It is possible to purchase different tickets and promotions using the most valuable cryptocurrency in the market.

The cryptocurrency community is searching for different methods to use and spend cryptocurrencies. Sometimes it is not easy to find a company that accepts crypto payments for their services and products. But the market continues to evolve. This time, one of the biggest players in the sector in Argentina is accepting Bitcoin payments. It will be very important to follow which will be the impact of this measure in the long term for the company and crypto space in the country and the region.

Bitex has also conducted the first inter-banking transaction using Bitcoin. A financial institution from Argentina conducted a transfer with a Spanish bank in just a few minutes.

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