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Gagapay Helping Small Businesses Realize Success

Gagapay gives you the chance to invest in blockchain smart marketing, a platform for creating affiliate, referral, network marketing, loyalty reward and bounty programs powered by smart contracts. One of the top reasons that new businesses fail is because they cannot acquire a customer base. Customer acquisition is an area that is often ignored, yet one of the most vital elements for a successful business. Why do so many companies fail if the answer is so clear? Simply put: Customer Acquisition is expensive.

According to Entrepreneur’s website, the cost of customer acquisition is the total money spent on marketing and advertising. Companies, such as Priceline.com spend $7.00 per customer they acquire, while Sprint spends a staggering $315 on average per customer.

While companies like Sprint and Priceline can afford these expenses, the average new small business owner cannot. In fact, most small businesses are already short on capital and marketing is usually the first area that loses some or all their planned budgeting.

Affiliate and Referral programs have proven to be highly successful, but even these can cost tens-of-thousands of dollars to start and can take 9 months before any return is realized.

Customer Loyalty programs are also an essential marketing tool for industries that have high customer counts. the average American household is a member of 14 different loyalty programs on average. Again, while it is a well-known fact that it is beneficial, it becomes a financial issue for the new business owner. The costs involved are unattainable in most situations.


The Solution is Gagapay

The Gagapay Network has a clever solution that seeks to solve these issues. They intend to do this using a distributed ledger or, Blockchain, and NEO Smart Contracts to give business owners a DIY tool that will allow them to easily set-up and manage Affiliate Programs, Referral Programs, Loyalty Programs and even Bounty programs if needed.

By utilizing this approach, businesses can cut costs by over 90%, while not having to have extensive knowledge of programming or affiliate/loyalty marketing structuring. The smart contracts will be set-up in a way that makes it as simple as answering a few questions, inputting some variables (amount to offer, promotional values, etc…) and then executing the smart-contract on Gagapay’s Network.

Gagapay Roadmap

The DIY tools will feature a Simple to use and very user-friendly Drag and Drop interface along with readymade templates. Only One membership will be needed to handle all of your marketing campaign needs. The utilization of smart contracts will allow for secure and reliable transactions that are fully transparent and execute things such as rewards payout automatically. The platform will support both blockchain driven businesses, as well as non-industry businesses.

GTA Token

Gagapay is launching a digital asset, or token, alongside their SaaS platform for customer acquisition. The token, GTA will seamlessly integrate with the platform, allowing users to utilize the token as a payment instrument, as well. Gagapay is currently offering GTA as an ICO and they are in the Crowdfunding stage. Investing now will yield you a 30% bonus for a limited time. As of the time of this writing, they have already raised over $1,027,254 (USD) with 29 days left. (The ICO Crowdfunding ends on July 15, 2018.) Investing an amount over $500.00 USD will also get you the added bonus of receiving the Gagapay prepaid debit card once it is released publicly.

Gagapay is providing a solution to what has been an ongoing issue for years. The team is dedicated to providing this solution so that less businesses fail and people who aspire to own their own business can finally have a chance to succeed. The team behind The Gagapay Network is always available to answer questions, listen to suggestions and address concerns. You can reach out to them through their website and they also have a Facebook page, Twitter page, Telegram and each team member has a Linked-in profile. This ensures that you can easily contact them and get the info you need at any time.

In a day and age where ICOs are plentiful and the blockchain industry is still in its infancy, it is great to finally see a team that is focused on the little guy instead of the large corporations.


Gagapay ICO offers Interactive GUI

Once you get signed up for Gagapay, through their ICO website, you will have access to the members area, where you can do everything from investing in the network, creating an affiliate campaign and completing tasks to earn airdropped tokens. The interface is very user friendly and easy to navigate. The available areas of the website are all available via the links on the left-hand side of the page, and clicking one of these will open the content on the right side of the page. Upon logging in, you are presented with your dashboard area, which lists your balance in all the currencies that they support. That is one of the benefits that the Gagapay network offers that a lot of other ICOs do not. They allow you to deposit Bitcoin, DASH, Ether, GAS, Litecoin or NEO into your account. You then use your balances to buy the GTA tokens. Once you are ready to deposit these funds, simply head to the “Invest” link.

Investing in the Gagapay ICO

One you hit the invest link, you will be shown a list of the supported coins that you can deposit. Next to each coin, you hit the “Get Address” button and you will then be given a deposit address for the chosen coin. Once generated, you will also see a button with an Eye Icon. Hitting this button will open a small pop up window that features the QR Barcode for that address if you want to use your mobile wallet to scan it. Once you have deposited coins into one of your wallet addresses and they have received enough confirmations (generally, the standard accepted number of conformations are used.), you will see your balance on the dashboard. Once you have coin balances, you will see the option to use your balances to purchase GTA tokens as part of the crowdfunding portion of the ICO. By entering the amount, you wish to invest, you will be shown the amount of GTA tokens that you will receive. This amount includes the bonus GTA tokens that you get for investing during the crowdfunding portion of the ICO.

After you purchase your tokens, you will see that your GTA token balance has been updated on your dashboard page. If you decide not to invest all the money that you deposited into your Gagapay account, you will have the option to withdraw your coins back to your chosen address. Simply click the “Wallet” link on the left-side and you will see that you can enter a wallet address for each of the supported coins and then save these addresses to your account. Any future withdrawals for the supported coins will go to the respective addresses that you enter on this page.

Gagapay Affiliate Program

Gagapay has a 5-level affiliate program, which will allow you to earn a percentage of the coins that your referrals invest. The first level will yield you 5%, second level affiliates will get you 3%, third level is 2%, 4th level is 1% and 5th level affiliates get you a half a percent. This is total of 11.5%. You can withdraw your commission earnings at any time.

Clicking the “Affiliate” link will open your affiliate area, where you will find our initial affiliate link that you use to refer people to the Gagapay network. They also allow you to send emails to people, directly from this same page, using their own SMTP servers. This comes in handy if you have a large email list to send out. You are limited to only sending 100 emails per day, so very large lists will have to be entered in batches.

Below you link info and email sending section, your affiliate history is shown. You can see the emails you have sent and the number of total referrals that have joined the ICO and invested in the GTA token. The email section of your affiliate history will show you the list of email addresses you have sent emails to and for each one, you will be able to see the date you sent the email, if there were any errors with those emails and also the status of each email, which allows you to see who has clicked your link and joined the Gagapay ICO.

Below this, you will see your individual affiliates who clicked your link from anywhere outside of an email that you have sent. Including your link on Twitter, Facebook or your own website are examples of the types of affiliates that appear here. It will also tell you what level of affiliate each person you referred is.


Gagapay Account Verification

Gagapay complies with all anti-money laundering and KYC laws around the globe and you will need to verify your account. You do not have t verify immediately. You are able to deposit funds and buy some GTA tokens without becoming verified, but verification is required when you reach higher levels or wish to withdraw funds.

To verify your account, you simply enter your name, address and birthdate and then upload your identity. They accept passports, driving licenses, national Security cards or other forms of ID that have your picture on them and are issue by a government entity. After this, you need to take an image of your face while holding your ID and a post-it note that says “GAGA NETWORK” and the current date. They provide all of the detailed instructions on the account verification page to make it easy to follow and get completed. Once account verification is complete, you will have unrestricted access to all the features that the Gaga network provides.

Gagapay Airdrops and Bounties

Gagapay runs bounties and airdrops periodically to help promote the network. They have a section in your account area where you can view any current bounties available and also see your bounty earnings history and account balance. These balances can be withdrawn at any time once your account is verified. The bounties generally require you to write posts that meet certain requirements for word count. They are fairly straight-forward and easy to complete. YouTube channel owners can usually also make a good amount of money, the amount is more for those with a larger subscriber base.

Gagapay ICO Conclusion

While there are hundreds, even thousands of ICOs that op up every day, Gagapay is an ICO that has a purpose that relates to the needs of a good portion of the people around the world. Starting a business is a dream that millions of people have and try to make a reality. Unfortunately, for most of those millions of people, competing with multi-million dollars and billion-dollar corporations for customers is just not possible. The costs involved with gaining customers is just not feasible for small businesses. Gagapay is offering solution that just may help a larger number of new small business owners to succeed where so many have failed in the past. It is a wonderful concept and with the help of the token ICO sale, Gagapay can have the capital to launch this DIY marketing network and hopefully help millions of small business owners get the vital customer base they need to sustain their businesses and help to stimulate the global economies.

It is nice to see an ICO that a lot of people can relate to, as opposed to tech specific ICOs that seem to be flooding the sphere right now. Gagapay appeals to everyone who has ever wanted to own their own business, no matter what industry they are in. Everyone from local bakers and florists, all the way to skilled trades can take advantage of Gagapay’s unique way to handle customer acquisition issues.

To find out more details, join the ICO and take part in Revolutionizing the way businesses acquire customers, visit Gagapay’s website or any of the links below.

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