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ATM locations all over Austria

Can you imagine using an ATM card to instantly trade Ethereum, Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency for instant, immediate cash? Pretty soon, you can with Cointed. In Austria, the Cointed team is busy at work turning this into a global reality.

cointed austria

The company already has ATM locations in Austria, not only in major cities like Vienna and Salzburg, but all over the country. Cointed is an online exchange platform that lets you buy and sell digital and fiat currencies instantly.

For most people, getting into cryptocurrency is difficult. The barriers of what wallet to use and what exchange platform is best are barriers stopping the non-developers and coders of the world from getting into crypto. The two young founders of Cointed decided they wanted to bring cryptocurrency to everyone.

Finally, Cointed is creating a much-needed bridge between the world of fiat currency and digital currencies. Exchange cryptocurrency to use PayPal, Visa, SEPA, MoneyGram, Mastercard, and every traditional payment option. Or convert your digital currency to cash.

Cointed bridges that awkward gap between buying and selling on exchanges where transactions take multiple steps on a computer. Whether you’re traveling the world, or just looking to exchange some Bitcoin to your home currency, Cointed makes it easier than ever.

Cointed is also working on Hydromining new digital currencies, shifting the crypto mining field to use sustainable resources rather than expensive electrical power. Soon, you’ll be able to invest in Hydromining with Cointed and earn a profit on mining without having to buy the massive amounts of computers and electrical power needed to do it yourself.

How does Cointed work?

You can grab cash any time and any place Visa and MasterCard are accepted, using the multi-currency debit card from Cointed. Here are some of the best ways to leverage Cointed to your advantage:

For Travelers: Pay for goods and services with your Cointed card instead of carrying around multiple currencies. Use an ATM to pull out fiat currency wherever you go, and forget about the high fees at the exchange counters.

For Businesses: Accept cryptocurrency payments and instantly exchange them for cash. Gain more customers by taking more payment types.

For Investors: Exchange money in real time and make a profit from market changes instantly over the Cointed network.

For Everyone: Grab cash at the ATM by exchanging your Bitcoin or alt coins. When exchanging is this easy, you don’t have to keep large stores of fiat currency in the bank.

Want to make cryptocurrency exchange as easy as paying with a card or grabbing cash from an ATM? Get involved with Cointed by investing in their token sale. Find out about Cointed on cointed.com, and invest in their token on cointedtoken.com. As a special offer until November 19th, Cointed is giving an extra 15% in token value when you buy cointedtokens in ether.

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