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3. Can Bitcoin be a cure for anxiety

The Reddit user that shared this bitcoin story was depressed and paranoid. He started his bitcoin story:

“A heavy interest in politics and economics combined with a public education can do this to people. I have wondered about the current public education machines… Why are things done the wrong way? It’s the 21st century and we live in the richest country in the world.”

Then Bitcoin came to be, but the user wasn’t really sure about Bitcoin’s potential at the time. But eventually, Bitcoin made it to the hearth of the Reddit user:

“If you truly believe in the core principles of Bitcoin then the free market must be pretty darn important to you. If you really believe like I do that the free market is the most powerful modern improvement to our lives, there will be no need for violence of any kind. Bitcoin is vastly superior to anything else on the market today and it can adapt as fast as we need it to, so Bitcoin will win!… It’s time for me to execute plan B. I announced my intentions to completely embrace cryptocurrencies and to cut myself from the fiat currency world. I will pay my bills in Bitcoins, I will get paid in Bitcoins, I will invest in the cryptocurrency and will secure my own Bitcoin investments.”

I guess that the potential of the free market and the revolutionary technology that challenges the status quo brought life and happiness back to the depressed Reddit user. The opportunities that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies bring are enormous and you don’t have to be an early adopter to notice them. Also there is no age restriction for cryptocurrencies. If someone tells you that only millennials can understand and participate in the industry, well the next story from the bitcoin stories list will prove that it’s not like that.

4. There is no age restriction for cryptocurrencies

A Reddit user shared his story when he was 65 years old. Before that, he purchased his first Bitcoin when they were just 6$ and was completely won by the power of cryptocurrencies. He said:

“I believe that Bitcoin is the future. I also know that it is the greatest technology ever developed that empowers freedom. I am also excited to see the progress and development in the cryptocurrency industry. It feels great to live in such a time in history and is very empowering to see the impact of the technology on young people and how they think. I hope to see a better version of freedom in my lifetime”

An interesting thought is that freedom will not be won with revolution, violence or protesting. It will not be delivered by politicians or organizations, but rather it will evolve with the evolution of technology and the free market. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have made a strong impact on the world, but the scale in which they did will be felt in time.

There is something to learn from all Bitcoin stories

There are still many neigh sayers and sceptics out there that will say whatever they want or warn you that doomsday is coming. However, educating yourself on the subject and the industry will be your strongest weapon, as listening to other people’s opinions is the worst losing strategy that you can have. Listen and learn from other people, but always have your opinion in the end.

The cryptocurrency industry is evolving at an extremely fast pace. Every day there is something new and exciting to look forward to. The opportunity is there and it’s real. Opportunities to get rich, but also to learn something new. Experience that will surely prove valuable in the future. Even Bitcoin stories have something to teach us. Coinstaker is a great way to learn about the industry and the latest news, as we always strive to write comprehensive, but educational guides and up-to-date news about what is going on in the ever changing cryptocurrency industry.

As the cryptocurrency industry evolves, there will always be something new, fun or educational to see when you explore it. From next week, you can expect from us weekly cryptocurrency price analysis, shitcoin of the week, weekly fail of the week and lesson of the week. We will explore altcoin and bitcoin stories and lessons that will range from beginner to expert, so stay tuned with Coinstaker.


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