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According to the data cited by the PQ Media Research Company, the global income of the marketing and advertising industry is set to grow by 5.5% in 2018, to $1.3 trillion. This is the highest growth figure in the last 10 years. That being said, digital and alternative media (including video advertising in the Internet using OTT (over-the-top) technology, marketing with the use of smart technology, and influencer marketing) will account for much of the growth – up to $496 billion, or more than 38%, of total income.
Clearly the current digital advertising market, where users can choose what they need and do not need, and advertisers gain access to the public using new communications channels, is very promising and interesting for everyone involved. The CryptoAds platform, which recently completed its ICO, will help to combine and dovetail the desires of all participants.
This platform gives marketing professionals the opportunity to launch pertinent and timely digital advertising campaigns by granting access to a wide range of multimedia formats on a huge number of platforms, as well as the ability to bypass the seemingly endless middlemen and pay these platforms directly. With the help of CryptoAds, advertisers can share native videos, mobile advertisements, video clips, immersive (360°) videos, and banners or use other methods to place digital advertisements directly on a website or in an application. In turn, via the CryptoAds Marketplace users can independently choose which targeted advertisement they would like to see.
The platform formed partnerships with several other promising projects during its ICO. For example, an agreement was recently signed with NEM. This is a blockchain-based platform that enables companies to create an incredible variety of real-world applications and support practically any business transaction on blockchain with minimal development. CryptoAds will use NEM’s blockchain in parallel with Ethereum. CryptoAds also plans to integrate with EOS, as one of the most promising Ethereum alternatives.
A bit earlier, the CryptoAds Marketplace announced the conclusion of a strategic partnership with EtherZero (ETZ), a state-of-the-art platform for developing smart contracts capable of working with new generation public blockchain technology. CryptoAds can use ETZ’s public network technology to perform transactions and record transaction histories. This will allow the platform to achieve a new level of service speed and quality for users, while at the same time ensuring the platform’s operating stability, flexibility and scalability.
What is more, during the early stages of the public token sale CryptoAds and Hadeez presented another interesting product to their clients – a new hardware wallet to protect clients’ savings and protect them from phishing, fraud, and theft. The small devices developed by the platform can be stored in a safe place, or carried around on one’s person. The hardware wallet will be protected by a private key code with an alphanumeric password thought up by the user.
The platform will begin distributing tokens to its token holders on September 15. From August 28, CRAD tokens will be available for purchase on the Coinplace.pro cryptoexchange, where the exchange of coins can be performed using peer-to-peer (P2P) technology.
Over the next nine months CryptoAds plans to introduce an online trading platform that will use CRAD tokens and to offer interesting and secure solutions for brands, digital advertisers, marketing experts, bloggers publishing content, and ordinary online users. Using this online platform they will all be able to negotiate and trade directly, without any middlemen.
In addition, CryptoAds should also be able to fully integrate with its original CallsFreeCalls (CFC) platform, which was the launching pad for the ICO project and which will be transferred completely to blockchain. CallsFreeCalls is a popular VoIP app that allows users to make free calls and send free text messages. After its integration with CryptoAds, the users of the app and gamers will be able to accept various offers from advertisers in exchange for work with advertising content, and will receive access to various services, video content, and in-game options.
For more information on the CryptoAds project, please visit their website at tokensale.cfc.io.



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