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Free Bitcoin Is Easy to Get

If you have heard that Free Bitcoin acquisition is simple, easy and actually possible, you have heard right. There are now tons of ways to get Free Bitcoin. In this short guide, we will cover one of many strategies where you can click your mouse a few times and get Free Bitcoin in exchange for those clicks. There are no catches, no “buts” or anything else. Simply click the mouse on these websites and you can earn up to $25.00 every month. That is absolutely Free Bitcoin that you can get for spending about 2 seconds per click.

The reason this Bitcoin is free is because there is a tradeoff for the people who own the websites that give the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies away for free. By visiting their websites, you are viewing the on-page advertising that they have displayed. They earn some money for getting you to look at these ads. If you click on them, that’s even more money. They are simply sharing their profits with you. You visit their bitcoin faucet and they have the traffic they need to get paid from the advertisers and they break off a small portion of their payments and give them to you as a way to keep you coming back and generating an income for them.

You Do Not Have to Click Any Ads to Get Free Bitcoin

Simply visiting these websites is enough to score you some Free Bitcoin. There is no requirement to click the ads or links that they display. Most will have Captcha ready to go, of course. This is to weed out those who would cheat the system via automated bots. The amount of Free Bitcoin that you can earn is negligible per click. Eve looking at each website on an individual basis may seem that it is not worth the effort. However, by visiting multiple sites, you can actually earn a decent amount.

The trick becomes avoiding the Free Bitcoin faucets that have tons of pop-ups, pop-unders, hidden links, etc.… You have to find those Free Bitcoin faucets that do not make it difficult to collect the bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies that you are trying to get. There would be no point in claiming a few Satoshi if it takes 5-6 minutes for you to do so.

This strategy uses only those Free Bitcoin faucets that do not require a lot of clicks, endless ads or impossible captchas. In fact, they All use Google’s Recaptcha service, require only a click or two at the most and more importantly, they all have a long, good reputation for actually paying out.  These sites featured here do not only cover Free Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies, as well. But, do not worry, the other cryptocurrencies all get immediately paid to one wallet website and can be converted into bitcoin absolutely free.

Steps to Get Free Bitcoin

You will have to sign up for the following sites. The order is not important, as long as you sign up for CoinPot first, as it is a wallet that more than half of these Free Bitcoin faucets will deposit your Free Bitcoin into immediately. CoinPot will also allow you to convert between these cryptocurrencies absolutely free of charge.

You will also want to set-up a folder on your Bookmarks toolbar specifically for your Free Bitcoin faucets. Most of these faucets will not open or function correctly if opened from a Free Bitcoin faucet rotator, so using this folder will serve the same purpose and make it easy for you to access the Free Bitcoin faucets quickly and in an easy manner.

What You Need Before You Can Get Free Bitcoin


When it comes to getting free Bitcoin very easily, then CoinPot has to be the number one tool that you will want to use. It is a web-based multi-cryptocurrency wallet with a ton of features. CoinPot supports a total of five Cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Litecoin, bitcoin cash, DASH, and Dogecoin. They also have their own tokens, which you earn every time you make a claim on one of the six Free Bitcoin faucets that they support. Every time you make a claim on one of the Free Bitcoin faucets or other Cryptocurrency faucets that utilize CoinPot, the free coins are deposited directly into your coin pot account. Furthermore, the free coins you earn will be available immediately.

Coin also offers a lottery, where you can win coin for tokens. The lottery will cost you coin for tokens to enter and you will be playing for a chance to win a large amount of coin pot tokens, which can then be exchanged for the Cryptocurrencies of your choice. This gives you get another way to get some Free Bitcoin.

It doesn’t cost you anything to exchange between the five different Cryptocurrencies. Simply click on the Cryptocurrencies and then choose “Convert tokens to…”. You can also mine one of the five different Cryptocurrencies offered on coin pot directly from your browser without having to download any additional software. There are a ton of features, the best of which is the ability to take the balances of all five Cryptocurrencies and convert them into one, making withdrawal minimums easier to achieve.

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Make Getting Free Bitcoin Simple

When you sign up, it is important to remember the email address you used, as this will be what you use to log into the Free Bitcoin faucets that utilize the CoinPot web wallet. Save the link to your CoinPot dashboard in the folder you created on your bookmarks toolbar for easy access.

Free Bitcoin Faucet List

This list is by no means complete. There are literally hundreds of legitimate Free Bitcoin faucets and faucets for just about every major cryptocurrency that is available today. This list is just a strategy. It can be added to easily. This list will allow you to receive up to about $25.00 USD per month in Free Bitcoin easily and for practically no time on your part. With anything that allows you to get money online, the time you dedicate to it is going to reflect the actual amount you get.

Remember that the amounts these Free Bitcoin faucets pay out changes as the prices of the cryptocurrencies change. It is always a higher amount when the price is lower. The best bet is to hold onto the coins until the price comes up, helping you to realize an even greater amount for the time spent. The information in based on the price of Bitcoin at approximately $6,800.00 USD, as is the price at the time of this writing.

Free Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Faucet List

The first 3 Free Bitcoin faucets on the list do not utilize CoinPot, each holding the Free Bitcoin you earn on their own websites until you hit their withdrawal minimums. However, they are wellestablished and well trusted faucets with excellent reputations and each makes it easy to get the Free Bitcoin and Dogecoin that they give away for free.


FreeBitco.in is probably one of the oldest and most reliable Free Bitcoin faucets that exist. There are no ads at all, no pop-ups, nothing. There isn’t even a captcha to deal with. Simply go to the url, sign in and click roll. You get your Free Bitcoin based upon the number that rolls. It is provably fair too. You can actually win up to 0.03 Bitcoin on a single roll, but it is more likely to get the lowest amount obviously.
They have tons of bonuses available, a weekly lottery and even a multiply your bitcoin game, which is essentially a dice game. They have frequent promos where they give you free lottery tickets, extra satoshis per roll and more. They also have a bitcoin mining feature, allowing you to earn by mining bitcoin from your browser, with no software to download. You can also earn interest on your bitcoin if you hold a certain amount in their web wallet.

This Free Bitcoin faucet is the essential one for getting free Bitcoin. If you hit the button once an hour, you can earn over $3.00 a month with the very minimum and no bonuses and over $10.00 per month with bonuses and other promos.

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Visit Freebitco.in and start earning Free Bitcoin now


Although it may seem like this website is affiliated with FreeBitco.in, it isn’t. That does not mean that they make it difficult to get some free Dogecoin though. Simply click the Google Recaptcha and hit roll and get the free Dogecoin that is coming. The premise is the same, the amount you get depends solely on the number you roll. Again, provably fair dice is the theme here and they offer almost all the same features as FreeBitco.in. The con to this free faucet is that you have to hold your dogecoin on their website until the minimum for withdrawal is met. The good thing is that you only need to accrue 6 Dogecoin to withdraw.

There is no browser mining, interest earning feature or lottery here, but you can play there provably fair dice game and try to increase your dogecoin. The free rolls are available every hour and while the lowest amount is the usual amount you will win, it is possible to get up to 40 dogecoin at least once a week.

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Visit FreeDoge.co.in and start earning Free Bitcoin now


SatoshiHero is the last of the non-CoinPot related Free Bitcoin faucets. This Free Bitcoin faucet allows you to make up to 3 claims every 8 You can win up to 100,000 Satoshi per claim. Of course, it is more common to win 5-25 Satoshi per claim. Simply click on claim your Satoshi, complete the Google Recaptcha and hit claim and it gives you your Satoshi, which is held in your account until you hit the minimum withdrawal amount. The minimum amount needed to withdraw is 30,000 Satoshi. It is easy to make $5-$10 per month with SatoshiHero.

In addition to the Free Bitcoin faucet, they offer other options for earning more bitcoin. They have a list of games you can play to get Free Bitcoin, as well as different mining and ICO platforms and casinos. They have the site available in both English and Russian and again, have a well-established and well-respected track record, so, they can be trusted. No pop-ups, very minimum ads and very easy to navigate.

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Visit SatoshiHero and start earning Free Bitcoin now


The first of the CoinPot Free Bitcoin faucets is BitFun. As with the first three Free Bitcoin faucets, BitFun has no excessive ads, pop-ups or difficult to find claim links. Simply click the claim button, complete the Google Recaptcha and claim your Free Bitcoin. The bitcoin your claim will be automatically and immediately added to the bitcoin balance in your CoinPot account.

As with all the CoinPot Free Bitcoin faucets, the total amount you have in your CoinPot balance will be displayed right on the faucet’s website. In addition to claiming the Free Bitcoin, BitFun also offers a dice game, html5 browser games that pay you to play and a referral program. You can claim every 5 minutes and the amount is dynamic, changing with the current price of Bitcoin. All in all, you can easily claim up to $6.00 a month from the Free Bitcoin faucet and if you play some html5 games, then your earning potential becomes endless.

Visit BitFun and start earning Free Bitcoin now.


MoonBitcoin starts of the list of out last 5 Free Bitcoin faucets that are all ran by the same company. The Moon branding free faucets are a very well-respected and well-known brand. On this Free Bitcoin faucet, you will find a substantially greater number of ads that the previous Free Bitcoin faucets on our list have lacked. Although these ads are great in number, they are, for the most part, unobtrusive and do not make the page difficult to navigate. The trick to the Moon branded faucets is the same for each and every one of them, you have to claim twice to get the Free Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies once.

Confused? It is not that difficult, when you click the claim button once, the Google Recaptcha box will pop open and you click the box to prove that you are not a robot, then you click claim. A new browser tab will automatically open with an advertisement. Your browser will not switch to it, however. Instead, the page refreshes and you see that you still have the same amount of bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to claim. Simply repeat the process: click claim, prove you are not a robot by checking the Google Recaptcha box and hit the “submit” button again. This time, your Free Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency will be automatically and immediately deposited into the respective wallet on your CoinPot dashboard.

By having you click through the process twice, MoonBitcoin is getting the new tab advertisement to open, as well as displaying the ads to you twice, so that they can earn a bit more from your claim. While normally, we would frown upon this, the fat that Moon is a well-respected and trusted company and that they do not make the page confusing for their users makes us forgive this minor inconvenience.

You can claim once every 5 minutes on MoonBitcoin and the amount is based upon the price of Bitcoin, as I standard for all Free Bitcoin faucets. Earning $5-$7 per month is quite possible if you claim as much as possible.

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Visit MoonBitcoin and start earning Free Bitcoin now.


MoonLitecoin, another Moon branded free faucet gives you free Litecoin every 5 minutes. Everything about each of these Moon faucets is the same for the most part. Claim every 5 minutes and earn $5-$7 per month. The free Litecoin is added automatically and instantly to your CoinPot Litecoin balance upon the claim.

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Visit MoonLitecoin and start earning Free Bitcoin now.


MoonDoge will automatically and instantly see your CoinPot Dogecoin balance increase when you make a claim. Every 5 Minutes, as with all Moon branded faucets, however, you can actually earn $10-$15 worth of Dogecoin every single month if you claim the max amount of times.

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Visit MoonDoge and start earning Free Bitcoin now.


When Bitcoin went through its turmoil and the hard-fork brought us Bitcoin Cash, Moon cash was born. You can claim Bitcoin cash every 5 minutes on Moon cash and earn $5-$6 per month in doing so. Claim it twice to get it once, just like the rest of the Moon branded faucets. The Bitcoin cash that you claim will be automatically and instantly available in your Bitcoin cash wallet on CoinPot.

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Visit MoonCash and start earning Free Bitcoin now.


Finishing up our Free Bitcoin faucet list is a free DASH faucet. Again, by the Moon team, MoonDASH gives you free DASH every 5 minutes that is available immediately and instantly in your CoinPot wallet. It is quite easy to earn anywhere from $3-$6 with MoonDASH every single month if you stay on top of it.

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Free Bitcoin Faucet Strategy

Visit MoonDASH and start earning Free Bitcoin now.

The Trick to Getting a Lot of Free Bitcoin

Here are few tricks that can help you maximize your Free Bitcoin earning potential will help you to make a lot of free money. Who doesn’t love free money?

  1. Use the notification feature that almost every one of these Free Bitcoin faucets offers. Make sure your volume is up and go claim as soon as you can.
  2. Monitor the cost of transaction fees before cashing out. For the CoinPot faucets, decide on which currency will cost you the least amount to withdraw and convert everything to that cryptocurrency for free on CoinPot and then withdraw.
  3. Utilize the additional ways that you can get some Free Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies that these sites offer.
  4. Keep your eyes open for other Free Bitcoin faucet sites that you trust and add them to this list.
  5. Use the browser bookmarks bar and have a folder that has only your faucets in it. This makes claiming faster. It serves as your own, simple to use faucet rotator and all of the sites will function properly this way.

Free Bitcoin Strategy Conclusion

Getting free Bitcoin is easy, fast and absolutely legit. Doing it in a way that is time effective and helps you to realize the most amount of free Bitcoin, while doing the least amount of work is the key. By using these sites and tips, you can make a good amount of money for very, very little work. While making a living doing this is really not possible, it can get you some free spending cash every month. Whether you spend it, gamble it or use it for other needs, free money is free money.

Free Bitcoin faucets are a dying breed. It is no secret that new sites that offer surveys, ads to click and offers to complete are taking the world by storm, but these faucets are still a great way to make some quick and easy cash without having to do much of anything. Why not take advantage of these Free Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency faucets and get the free money that they are dying to give away to the public? It wouldn’t make sense to not take free money. By adding this strategy to your other free money strategies and also, by adding other Free Bitcoin faucets to this list, you can actually make a decent amount of money. If you started adding in games and other bitcoin earning opportunities, you could easily make a decent full-time living doing nothing but getting bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for doing practically nothing. So, take advantage of the free cryptocurrencies and Free Bitcoin that is being given out by these and hundreds of other faucets.

For more great ways to get,win and earn Bitcoin, Visit our Free Spins Guides.

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