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Virtual currencies and blockchain technology continue attracting experts in the financial world. There are important figures that are trying to be part of the exponential growth that cryptocurrencies experienced during the last years. The former CEO of Visa UK, Marc O’Brien and Ireland will be working with Crypterium.

Former CEO of Visa Now Works at Crypterium

According to a blog post released by Crypterium on May the 17th, a former CEO of Visa and a key advisor of Revolut, Mar O’Brien will be joining Crypterioum. Crypterium is building a mobile app that aims to turn people’s coins into money that uses can spend with the same ease as cash. Visa Logo

Several shops around the world allow users to pay with virtual currencies at any NFC terminal or with QR codes. With its partners, it Crypterium is growing around the world, and expanding its operations with tis new member.

Marc O’Bien said:

“I am delighted to be joining Crypterium at such an exciting time. I strongly believe that cryptocurrency is about to go mainstream and we can be pioneers to build Crypterium into a terrific business.”

Marc left Visa in 2014 and has been working in other companies such as Revolut, advising as a CEO. Moreover, he has been planning marketing, product and growth strategies. Currently, Marc will be leading Crypterium to release an app that will let users pay with cryptos in the same convenient way as with cash or credit cards.

Austim Kimm, COO of Crypterium said:

“We are genuinely very excited by marc’s appointment. He brings the experience and know-how to build a global banking solution that will have no peers.”

From Traditional Financial World To Cryptocurrencies

In the last months we have experienced how important figures from the traditional financial world moved to the crypto and blockchain environment. At the same time, institutions are also incorporating new crypto-strategists.

For example, back in April, the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, has decided to hire a financial law veteran as general counsel. Edward Stadum, with experience in international law, and fin tech advisor, will be providing advice to this cryptocurrency exchange in expansion.

Another important expert, Oliver Harris, has been appointed as the new head of crypto-asset strategy at JP Morgan. The bank is trying to build a strong crypto-related strategy for the next months and years.

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