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For quite some time now, EOS has switched between the 6th and 7th spot in global market capitalization. Many experts are now keeping a close eye on the cryptocurrency has it has officially performed its first hard fork yesterday.

According to the EOS update tracking tool, EOS block producers (BP) showcased their intent to implement the upgrade.

The website states that this is by far the largest upgrade that the EOS network has seen so far. This is also confirmed to be the first ever upgrade which really required a hard fork. There have been no major disagreements as EOS Nation claims that 29 of the top 30 block producers committed to the upgrade instantly.

EOS’s first hard fork is definitely not the only major upgrade that is on the horizon as two more blockchains are awaiting massive upgrades.

EOS’ first hard fork will soon be followed by many upgrades

TRON’s Sun Network is a side chain scaling solution which is designed to reportedly give the TRON network infinite scaling capacity. The Sun Network will also reportedly allow dApps to consume less energy and run more safely and efficiently.

NEO, the cryptocurrency ranked 20 by global market capitalization will also be having a major upgrade completed soon. The NEO 3.0 will have a massive upgrade to it during Q2 of 2020.

The new version is projected to be launched as the new blockchain network and NEO users will be required to swap their existing tokens for new ones.

NEO’s core developer and co-founder Erik Zhang stated that the update is essential due the nature of a number of architectural improvements to NEO’s performance and their incompatibility with the current blockchain.

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