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The Abyss, a next generation digital distribution platform, will conduct the world’s first DAICO. The DAICO is a new protection mechanism for Initial Coin Offering contributors that was proposed by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder.

The Abyss Platform

The emergence of the blockchain technology has enabled the creation of The Abyss – a next-generation digital distribution platform, delivering all types of video games (Free2play MMOs and cryptogames being a key priority), including AAA-titles. The Abyss will help to reduce game developers’ marketing expenses and receive an extra income from referral payments made in other games on the platform. The Abyss offers lots of advantages for players as well.

Apart from referral payouts (paid in ABYSS tokens), developers will receive 70% from all payments in their games. They will also get access to internal CPA Network to manage the traffic, gain specialized players’ statistics, access to a 3-level 24/7 customer support service and many other benefits.

Gamers will also benefit in different ways: they will earn ABYSS tokens from each referral payment (made by the invited friends, and their friends, and so on) and profit from various motivational programs (fulfilling developer’s tasks, personal achievements, content generation, joint game activities, etc.).

Token Distribution

609,5 million of ABYSS tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 60% of the tokens will go to the crowdsale.
  • 21% will be for the company and advisors.
  • 18% will be used as a reserve in order to provide motivational rewards to players and bring new games to the platform.
  • 1% will be allocated in the Bounty program.

All unsold tokens will be burnt by Smart Contract.


The company presents a clear roadmap in its webpage that starts with the foundation of Destiny.Games in 2008. In the second and third quarter of 2017, Blockchain technology was tested for the further integration into the new concept. In the last quarter of 2017, the concept of The Abyss platform was presented.

March 7, 2018, The Abyss is starting the world’s first DAICO. Many more developments will come soon. There will be an active phase of platform development, legal and financial preparation for the launch of the project, partnership agreements with game projects and more. In the Q1 2019, the first version of the platform with the startup game package will be available.



The Team

The team comprises experts in the video game industry with years of experience.

Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky is the founder of The Abyss platform. He has more than 17 years of experience in the video game industry. He is also the founder of Destiny.Games (the company that backs The Abyss project), a successful blockchain investor and a cryptocurrency expert.

Vladimir Kurochkin is the president of Destiny.Games. He has 12+ years in the game industry with significant experience in project development and management.

Other experts that conform the team are Artem Veremeenko, Vladimir Martynov, Evgeny Petrov, Virginia Lam, Anton Chertikovtzev, Albert Tugushev, Alexey Kobelev, Stepan Leshchenko Evgeny Kharchenko and Artem Savin.

World’s First DAICO

The Abyss platform is now becoming a hype for being the world’s first DAICO. The DAICO is an improved model that combines things of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). The intention is to minimize the complexity and the risks, as proposed by Vitalik Buterin. The Abyss platform is an advanced and improved DAICO model that allows contributors to control the withdrawal of the funds, providing an option to vote for the refund of the contributed money in case the team fails to implement the project. The platform will invite Oracles (industry leaders) to act as arbitrators, with a right to initiate the refund poll.

Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, Founder, commented:

“DAICO provides tangible solutions to the ever-changing security needs and puts transparency at the center of innovation. We are confident in our capability to implement and improve Buterin’s idea. Our DAICO will be the perfect bridge between fundraising and team motivations control.”

The Abyss will also be the first world’s DAICO that will be tested in the market. It is expected to provide an extra layer of security, at the same time being an opportunity to raise the necessary funds in order to bring the new game platform to life.


More information about the project and the DAICO is available at the official website, as well as in The Abyss’ social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram.


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