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financial collapse

Since the financial collapse of 2008, many people have become more aware of the impending financial apocalypse. There are bubbles, which can burst at any minute and bring chaos with them, which will take years and sometimes decades to fix. The problem is, that it’s never truly fixed.

The bubbles keep getting larger and the governments keep printing more money. Their certain downfall promises to bring many people down along with them. There are numerous strategies and guides on how you can “survive” the upcoming financial catastrophe, but they mostly involve gold and require a large income to begin with. There is still something however, many people don’t understand, which can guarantee financial stability in a time of crisis.

We can ensure our own safety when the financial collapse happens

The huge house of cards is inevitably going down and it doesn’t matter which bubble pops it. The derivatives market, which is estimated at more than $1.2 quadrillion on the high-end is the most worrying sector of all. It has never been so large and many experts are struggling to determine how much exactly it can still grow.

The crash will trigger hyperinflation like never before and it will the biggest problem faced by governments. The financial collapse is the dream of every war-hungry, greedy politician and banker.

While over the ages gold has proven as the most reliable investment, as times change, so do future investments and developments. Cryptocurrencies will become a safe haven for investors, because it will allow people to keep their investments and savings out of their governments’ hands.

A reliable example of that can be seen in the bail-out of Greece and Cyprus, when the price of BTC rose considerably. It was at this very moment, that any sane person could see how any government, will treat the people it swore to protect.

When the people were in need, the government was not there. The banks were, but only for profit. As it was later found out, it wasn’t a very good idea to consistently bail-out governments. They were clearly clueless in regards to their own spending, production and financial discipline. This however, will not stop the Central Banks from destroying a country.

This is the most clear warning we can get, because if we think our government is different, then we are fools.  A depression sees interest rates skyrocket and then the hyperinflation kicks in. This makes it nearly impossible to get finance from banks.

The Initial Coin Offerings will boom and many companies will be looking for cheap ways to gather funds. Many will later create their own cryptocurrencies.

The financial collapse may be beneficial for society in the long run

With the huge political tension all over the world and the derivative market’s impending financial collapse, things aren’t looking too optimistic. The derivative market is over 9 times the size of the global banking sector and it keeps growing.

A crash of this magnitude can lead to a devastating new war to fuel the insatiable, war hungry politicians and banks. We can however, break free from the chains of war, debt and financial inequality. By adopting a more fair and transparent financial system in cryptocurrencies.

It only takes a single spark to light a fire and in the same way it only takes a single country, to adopt cryptocurrencies. This will pave the way towards a financial revolution. A revolution which the world desperately needs if it’s to ever break free from this cycle.

Governments and banks want a future of slaves for profit, we can build a future of freedom and prosperity for everyone and the change starts with You.

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