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There is a lot of prestige and responsibility when it comes to working for a global giant like Facebook, Google or Amazon. When it comes to relatively new technology, these companies have the resources to acquire top talent. Facebook jobs related to blockchain have been rumored to be growing in demand.

At the moment, Facebook has 5 official openings for blockchain talent at the Menlo Park headquarters based in California. The Facebook jobs relying on blockchain expertise are avaiable in the data science, software engineering and marketing departments.

Facebook’s career page states that the company’s end goal is to help as many people possible gain access to things they currently can’t use. There are of course, no clear indicators of the company’s future plans for the technology. It’s also impractical to expect specialists in a very innovative field to hold traditional positions.

Facebook jobs with emerging technologies are always a hot topic

Facebook jobs related to blockchain have been discussed for a few years now. The company however, officially launched its blockchain team earlier in May this year. According to Facebook, the team was tasked with the purpose of exploring the emerging technology, not to implement it straight away. David Marcus is leading the team and back in June, Evan Cheng became the first “director of blockchain engineering”.

The company also shared that the team is set up as a startup within the company.  Their short-term goal would be to figure out ways for the technology to scale with the large requirements of the global giant itself.

The positions, which are currently available tend to acquire a wide variety of expertise. Data-focused roles such as a data scientist and engineer, require quantitative analysis expertise and the ability to form solutions with the wide variety of data. The positions also require the candidates to be able to build models of user behavior for analysis and to power the company’s production systems.

The Facebook jobs offered are probably seeking to employ more than 1 specialist at every position. Keeping in mind that the technology is developing at a rapid pace, it will not be a surprise If all global giants have at least 1 or 2 full departments working on the technology next year.

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