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The core values of blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies are their decentralization, trustlessness, and immutability. Users within a decentralized blockchain-based system are algorithmically protected by the protocol itself and there’s no third-party one needs to trust. Yet, said benefits end as soon as a user tries to make operations with off-chain services, embracing the perils of a traditional market.

Right now, the only way to conveniently trade cryptocurrency for other cryptocurrencies or fiat is to go for a centralized exchange service and hope that a trusted third party won’t disappear with your money. However, the other options are possible. An obvious way to avoid the irony of centralized crypto exchanges in control of other’s decentralized money is to build a decentralized alternative.   

Decentralised exchanges were out there for a while now. They are more secure, accessible, and transparent, but all of them provide limited liquidity and inferior functionality compared to centralized services. The community prefers the risks of trusting a third-party to “ideologically correct” solutions virtually inoperable on a somewhat large scale. 


The community shouldn’t be forced to choose between those two options. Some think, that the most viable options may be those in between. One of the examples is EXPREAD, the project offering a hybrid solution that tries to take the functionality and trade performance from centralized services and fuse it with the security, transparency, and on-chain governance of decentralized systems.

The project aims to build a network that would incorporate numerous exchanges sharing one trading engine, order book, and liquidity pool. Each particular exchange will remain a separate entity with its own approach to marketing and listing, while getting the higher trading volumes, deeper market and better price discovery for its users.

“EXPREAD liquidity model enables a seamless aggregation of the market depth to harvest the synergy value from unified liquidity pool.” says Carlos Gao, co-founder of EXPREAD

The EXPREAD’s approach diminishes the initial capital required to launch one’s own exchange platform. Thanks to the shared liquidity pool a new exchange within the network doesn’t need to accumulate a critical user base in order to get up and running, while the EXPREAD system will ensure fair operations of all embedded entities.

The team behind EXPREAD project is actively building the community around its platform.

“2018 promises to be an important year for our platform as the team puts forth a global agenda in order to ensure its fast and sustainable development through acquiring strong partnerships and further funding”, says the Expread CEO. “We are inviting the active crypto enthusiasts to join our telegram global community in order to gain more insight directly from the founders and technical team of the platform”.

Additionally, the project has an internal on-chain governance system aimed to place the community at the helm of project development, so the entire ecosystem is driven by common decisions and in a right direction.

Although the concept introduced by EXPREAD creators is yet to be proven viable, it is already paving the way to a better crypto ecosystem. It is safe to say that soon the community will get more than two options to choose from.

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