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The increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies showed the world that they can be a valuable financial tool. The blockchain continues to give more and more opportunities and advantages for the small business. Crypto also brings innovative platforms and ways for payment and rewards. Loyalty programs will be affected by the incoming changes.


Loyalty programs give you points or discounts with a sole purpose for you to return back to the shop and spend some more. These points give you the feeling that you are saving money, but they don’t drive true emotional attachment. In 2018 businesses will start giving crypto for loyalty instead of points or discounts. This way, consumers feel better impact from their loyalty tokens and can simply do more with them. The Giftz Network is building a big community to support this.


      What is Giftz


In 2018 The Giftz Loyalty program will provide a platform for any business to reward customers with itCoin (universal loyalty token). The Giftz team is developing a Do-It-Yourself Loyalty rewards program for small to midsize businesses and a managed Black Coin program solution for enterprise clients. Merchants can give these loyalty tokens as incentives for customer engagement. Customers can earn and spend itCoin using a Giftz card (Visa Cash) and on the Giftz platform. Any business can give tokens, specially branded to their name to the customers.


To participate, you need one thing: itCoin Black. Anyone who purchases itCoin Black may utilize their system to sell, create or trade other reward tokens. Loyalty tokens will be distributed in a variety of ways such as QR codes, augmented reality, WiFi, GPS, POS. Customers who join the Giftz Network can collect tokens in fun ways, like finding them on the street or in merchant shops using augmented reality. This is thanks to an alliance formed with Blockv. The Giftz loyalty app will be upgraded with Blockv AR (augmented reality), so that users will be motivated to visit different shops. Customers have fun earning tokens and blockchain takes care of security. The Giftz Loyalty program is backed by Nasdaq, Inc., CryptoDaily and more.


Giftz will have 3 types of itCoins: Silver, Gold and Black all utilized within the ecosystem. You need itCoin Black to redeem or trade within the system. The Black token is the only one sold publicly at this time. Businesses can give these tokens branded in their name. Customers can redeem their coins at any business that accepts Visa. These tokens will have value for airplane miles, hotels, restaurants, malls, car rentals, events, traveling and more.


       ItCoin BLACK: is the public token required for merchants to participate in The Giftz Network’s Black Coin program. Merchants buy ItCoin Black and use it to aquire Silver or Gold tokens to give as gifts to their customers.

      itCoin Silver: given for everyday engagement.

      itCoin Gold: given for higher engagement and having higher value.

      How to take advantage

Until 22 February Giftz Network is running a bonus sale. You can contribute as little as you want. 25 000 additional tokens will be given as bonuses in 12-hour periods. Top 3 contributors in each 12-hours window on top of what they bought. If you are the only one who contributes ether at certain window you get all tokens and bonus tokens. If no one puts ether during a window, all tokens plus the bonuses will be added to the airdrop on 22th December. Remaining tokens will be distributed randomly to all event buyers during the airdrop. For security measures only ERC-20 compatible wallets like MyEtherWallet, MetaMask and others will be allowed.

      For more information about the project and the holiday sale visit www.giftz.io

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