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A failed a Ethereum start up, at best that’s what we will call it, has suddenly gone incognito on the web after what appears to be a failed ICO. Prodeum, the name of what was meant to be an Ethereum based blockchain vanished from the internet on Sunday after it managed to raise just 11 US dollars from its “investors” in its ICO. What is alarming is the message that was left on the official homepage of the website. It left the message “penis”. The website now redirects you to an unknown cryptocurrency trader’s Twitter account, whereas its own Twitter account has been deactivated.

Not The First Of Its Kind

confido ICO scamProdeum joins the list of start ups that totally vanished from the internet after its crowd funding. It basically is the second, after Confido. Crowd fundings are basically what we know as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Some ICOs are able to raise thousands and even millions of dollars, some others too just raise double digits like the case of Prodeum. Confido, the first to vanish back in 2017, did so after having raised about $374,000. Later on, the start up’s website displayed a message that indicated it was going to buy back all the token it sold, as a means to refund the investors. Whether this happened or not is another article for another day.

Per the Ethereum address that was put on the Prodeum website for the ICO, only $11 was raised, which was later transferred to another wallet that had about just a $100 in it.

What Was This Ethereum Blockchain About

Prodeum was meant to be an Ethereum blockchain based venture that was going to track the supply chain of vegetables by using digital addresses. The dream however wasn’t materialised as the website is now basically non existent.

What’s interesting is that the website did not look like a fraud in its active days. I mean, for all that is worth considering, it was even flashy enough and well designed. The photos of its staff on the website even redirected you to each one’s LinkedIn profile – quite the show to ward off any signs of suspicious activity or give them away.

promoting ethereum blockchain ico Ryan Mac of Buzzfeed even tweets an image that shows that the Ethereum blockchain based venture paid people on Fiverr to promote its ICO by having them write the venture’s name, Prodeum, on their bodies. Pretty interesting, isn’t it? But after all this, the venture still failed. But we are not just going to pretend the message it left behind on its website was cool to just let pass. On the homepage of the Prodeum website, prodeum.io, is something that just doesn’t add up, if the venture was genuine right from the start. It left the message “penis” on its website for anyone who visited it. Definitely, all its telling you is “I got the last laugh”. Quite the unusual mockery from an ICO that made just eleven bucks. However, what’s great is that it didn’t make off with so much money as Confido did last year.

If there’s any message that is being sent, its this; do not rush into any ICO just because of all  the buzz around the present crypto craze. First research into the background of the people behind the ICO’s venture. Research all you can before going into such investments, that way you know certainly well what you are getting into and avoid as much as possible that chance of being defrauded. With the present crypto mania has come increased fraudulent activities to exploit the desperate.

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