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A very popular game on the ethereum network is leaving the blockchain platform to another platform. Etheremon, the game which formally and still is on the ethereum blockchain is moving unto Zilliqa – another platform which apparently suits the needs and requirements of the game much better than the present ethereum blockchain.

Reports are that the recent increase in gas prices on the ethereum network. According to the these reports the gas prices are eventually ruining the experience of gaming on the ethereum blockchain. Per what we know, the switch in platforms is just for a brief while, probably till the gas prices are back to normal.

Off-the-chain has been a major solution to most blockchain transactions whenever the main blockchain got “clogged” with too many transactions. What happens is that when the main chain reaches a certain capacity, all other transactions are done on a chain off the main one. This is what Etheremon has been doing for some time now; playing games off the chain.

Technically, the game still remains on Zilliqa so don’t get it twisted. However, it is the transactions in the game that have will be running on Zilliqa.

Now despite Ethereum been touted as been decentralised, its present nature still doesn’t fully suit the Etheremon gaming system – not until  the have Sharding or Plasma in operation. The Etheremon team announced on its blog

“Long-term solution, we are glad to announce that we will work with the Zilliqa team to explore Zilliqa as a scalability solution for Etheremon. The higher throughput and low gas of Zilliqa’s sharding solution offer players better experience”

Zilliqa as a Decentralized Application works similarly to the Ethereum blockchain, a logical reason why the developers will go for it as a temporal solution. The math and everything else indicate that the switch to Zilliqa will make gaming even much faster and even pocket friendlier. This is a good move on the part of Etheremon as Ethereum still has problems with scaling and a fix won’t be coming any time pretty soon.

AS to why the move is a temporary one, the Zilliqa team made the public understand that it had tested the Sharding solution of Ethereum and its system was compatible. The team mentioned

“Gaming is viewed as one of the big potential applications for blockchain because it gives game developers the ability to directly incentivize gamers with rewards and also offers true ownership of in-game assets, even if the game were to be discontinued. We feel that games are a good fit for the Zilliqa platform because of our high throughput and low transaction costs”

Moreover, considering that Ethereum still has the most number of gamers using it as a decentralized platform, there isn’t a need to worry that the Ethereum network is failing and is incapable of supporting online games. This doesn’t kill the elephant of the scaling issues faced by Ethereum. Most people think that other game developers may start to develop their systems on Zilliqa as it has the potential to stand against the ethereum network competition. And if Ethereum’s scaling solutions don’t come early enough, then some more developers will abandon it for good.

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