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Ethereum Could Part Ways With Vitalik Buterin

This isn’t the first time we have seen a developer within the crypto world abandon or withdraw from their creation or masterpiece. We have the father of Crypto himself, Satoshi Nakamoto, disappearing from the scene when his Bitcoin begun to gain much credence and the confidence of people. Then there is Joseph Lubin who co-created Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin and afterwards detached himself from what he had created to go found Consensys.

With the multiplicity of such incidents in the cryptocurrency community, news of another is not always so surprising. It only raises concerns about the future of the tech development in question, and apparently Buterin believes Ethereum will survive should he detach himself. Well yes, he’s  mentioned that should he distance himself from Ethereum, he believes it will “absolutely survive”.

Vitalik Buterin made this bold claim during a series of debates on social media, twitter specifically, about his support for Ethereum-based alternate coin projects. In the process of answering one of these questions he stated

“I think ethereum can absolutely survive me spontaneously combusting tomorrow at this point,”

This follows a number of accusations leveled against Buterin stating that he was just “pumping” more into his Ethereum holdings along with several other things. However, when asked about the possibility of permanently distancing himself from the Ethereum project, Buterin tweeted

“Already in progress; watch the repos, even much of the research is being done by (Danny Ryan), (Justin Drake), (Hsiao-Wei Wang) and others,”

As to how good some news this is to the Ethereum crypto’s performance on the market we will eventually find out – yet still the coin hasn’t fared very well since the slump in January after the $1,000 jackpot.

In recent months its been trading between $200 to $270, unable to cross into the three hundreds. Most optimistic predictions have claimed that it could hit as much as $3,000 in the not so far future, approximately half the current value of Bitcoin. This is according to Weiss Ratings. It made this clear in a tweet in September saying this prediction is

“due to it offering more uses and being backed with superior (Blockchain) technology…Unlike (Bitcoin), which is a one-trick pony, the limit of ETH’s application is sky itself,”

Moreover, with Ethereum emerging as the constant first choice for most ICOs and DApp developers over other blockchain networks, we can be sure to see the token gain more value on the market and trust among people in the cryptocurrency community. There is still third-party development at the consumer level, and there are exchages who are targeting Ethereum as the bedrock for the relatively new and blooming blockchain and decentralised industry.

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