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ethCrash Introduction


If you have ever played Bustabit, then ethCrash will be a very familiar wagering platform for you. An exact clone of Bustabit Version 1, ethCrash brings the excitement and betting styles of Bustabit to Ethereum token holders. The counter starts and your goal is to be out before the counter busts, or crashes, as it is called. The point at which you cash out is the amount that you multiply your bet by. It, like Bustabit is very easy to get and even easier to play.

The most noticeable difference between ethCrash and Bustabit is that ethCrash uses a different color scheme, that being a bluish-purple color against the black backdrop. The green for winners and red for losers is present, as would be expected and other than that, it is an exact duplicate of the original Bustabit, before the most recent update. Featuring a shout box, bonus system and easy deposits and withdrawals, ethCrash is also provably fair, displaying the link to each and every game hash immediately upon completion of the round.

ethCrash is an overall exciting and fun way to try and multiply your Ether at a website that you can trust and depend on to payout when you withdraw your Ether. WhEther playing for fun or for profit, it is a great way to kill time and, at the same time, promote cryptocurrencies as a whole. ethCrash is a great addition to the world of cryptocurrency gaming.

ethCrash Ethos

ethCrash uses Ethereum as its base currency, so calling them Bits would not exactly fit. So, instead, they call them Ethos. An Ethos is one-millionth of an Ether token. To see it in numerical terms, it is written 0.000001 Ether. That is 1 Ethos. At the time of this writing, it takes approximately 0.001310 Ethereum to equal $1 USD, or 1,300 Ethos. It will take one million Ethos for you to have 1 Ethereum.

Ethos are what you will be gambling with while playing ethCrash. When you deposit your Ethereum, it is automatically converted into Ethos for you and your Ethos balance is displayed at all times at the top, right hand side of the screen. This makes it so you will always know how much Ethos you have before placing your wager.

When you want to withdraw your winnings, you will withdraw your Ethos, which will be automatically converted to Ethereum and sent to your Ethereum wallet, which you provide at the time you wish to withdraw.


ethCrash Website Interface

ethCrash is a very easy to use and simple to navigate website. The user-friendly platform allows players to have a clear idea of what they can do on the site, as well as making it easy for anyone to play the game. The counter numbers are huge and impossible to miss, and the gambling information area, where you input your desired parameters is straight-forward and simple to figure out, even for a novice user.

With simple to follow links, it easy to find the info you need in order to make account changes, deposit or withdraw your funds. In addition, account creation, logging in and security features are easily accessible. The website colors make it easy on the eyes and will not give you a headache from staring at it for too long. By keeping the wagering data all on the same page and utilizing a tab set-up for the manual or auto betting features, they make it so that you can wager without ever missing a round. The website is also responsive, meaning it adapts to the size of the screen and makes the website layout readable in any format, mobile or otherwise.

ethCrash is a very versatile interface that provides its users with a pleasant experience while visiting the site and playing the game.

ethCrash Manual Betting

ethCrash offers you the opportunity to bet manually or automatically. The manual betting is pretty straight forward and easy to figure out. You simply enter the number of Ethos you wish to bet then choose your crash out point and hit the bet button. At any time, before the counter crashes, you can hit the cash out button and take your winnings. Of course, if you do not choose to hit the button, the game will automatically cash you out at the crash point you set before the round began. If the counter crashes before you hit the button, or before your automatic crash point that you set, you will lose the amount of your bet and will have to simply try it all over again.

Manual betting can be a fun way to kill time and have some exciting fun, but it can also be frustrating, as well. Letting your emotions get in the way could cause you to lose big. It is important to never wager more than you can afford to lose at any time.

ethCrash Automatic Betting

If you prefer to take a safer approach to your wagering, ethCrash does offer an automatic gambling system that both developers and non-developers can use. For developers, you have the ability to include your custom scripts, in JavaScript, right within the sites sandbox, which is open to all.

For non-developers or anyone who wants to use it, they also have a cookie cutter solution, which allows you to enter your bet amount, your crash amount, maximum bet amount, what to increase your bet by upon winning or losing and the ability to just simply return to the base bet. It is built following the martingale gambling strategy, which promotes always increasing your profits.


While the automated betting system is definitely beneficial to everyone who utilizes it, it is not failsafe by any means. In the event that the game crashes a dozen or more time in a row under 2, which does happen on a semi-regular basis, you could end up losing all of your Ethos depending on how you set the script up.

ethCrash Bonus System

ethCrash has a bonus system set up that pays the players who are closest to the crash point an extra amount, on top of their winnings. The bonus system will also protect you from some of your losses if the game crashes very low. The bonus system is set up to work with the percentage of chance for the different ranges that the game might crash at. The house has an edge of 1%, meaning that they have a 1% chance more than the player. The setup is basically like this: (This is just a very basic understanding of how the house edge and bonus system works. See the site for a full and more accurate explanation.)

There is a 50% chance that the game will crash at 1.96 or lower and there is a 49% chance it will crash at 2.00 or higher. The game crashing at 1.97, 1.98 or 1.99 is a 1% chance and when this happens, this is what funds the bonus pool, allowing the site to payout the bonuses to those players who have come closest to the bust point, without going over. When the game crashes very low and there are very few or no winners, you will see that you may have only lost 24.55 Ethos instead of your full 25 Ethos bet.

The bonus is split among several players and can range anywhere from .10% to 6%, from what I have personally seen. If you are betting 25 Ethos, it is not much, but betting 2,500 Ethos and getting a 3% bonus is noticeable for sure. The bonus system can help to make the difference for those who like to bet in the just over 2.00 range, when it comes to making a profit.

ethCrash Shout Box & Social Features

ethCrash also has a shout box styled chat setup, which allows players to chat with each other in real-time. Players are able to interact and can even send Ethos directly to one another instantly. Receiving these tips from other players is up to the sender and they do not allow begging or trolling for Ethos within the chat area.


You can also see how any other player has been doing by simply clicking on their name. It will open up their stats page, which shows you their results for that player over the past 61 games. You can also go back and see the results of every single game a player has ever played. The info shows their bet amount, the crash point and if they won, the point at which they cashed out, along with their overall profit or loss. You can also see the total amount that they have ever wagered, won and lost and see what their net profit or loss is, as well. Of course, you can see the same info for yourself by clicking on your own name in the upper right hand of the screen.

ethCrash Deposits and Withdrawals

ethCrash makes it very simple to deposit Ethereum into your account. By going to the deposit page after you sign up, you are given your deposit Ethereum wallet address, which is your for as long as you hold an account on their website. After you send the Ethereum to your ethCrash wallet address, it will be available after 12 confirmations, which takes about 10 minutes or so, depending on the traffic that the Ethereum network is experiencing at the time.

Withdrawing is as simple has hitting the button, choosing how fast you want it and entering your amount to withdraw. There is a 3000-Ethos minimum withdrawal limit and you are charged the gas price for the transaction in GWEI. The more GWEI you are willing to pay, the faster you will get your withdrawal available to spend in your wallet.

They have three options for how much you pay in gas. For 10 Ethos, you can get the withdrawal in an hour, for 12 Ethos, it will take 30 minutes and if you pay 20 Ethos, you get your Ethereum in as little as 20 minutes.

Withdrawals are sent out from their hot wallet, so it is important that you only send to a wallet that will not return the transaction, as there will be no way for them to know who the money being returned is for. They do send out withdrawals automatically and it is an instant type of process.


ethCrash Provably Fair Wagering & Security

ethCrash is a provably fair gambling game. They provide the hash for each game to ensure the players that each and every round is run fairly for all players and that the house, other than their 1% edge, has no advantage and is not controlling the point at which the game crashes at.

The maximum profit that can be won per round is always displayed at the top left of the page, within the box that the counter resides in. This number changes based upon the total amount being wagered, the total amount the site has on hand and other factors that directly affect the total available Ethereum that the site has to pay out players. The maximum amount ensures that the house always has the cash on hand to pay out winnings when players request it.

The website is SSL protected, meaning that your information is encrypted before being sent to their servers and they offer additional account security in the form of 2-factor authentication, which you can enable, if you wish, from within your account section. As always, it is important to ensure that you are at their URL by looking at the address that appears in your web browser. This should always read https://www.ethcrash.io . There may be a ‘/’ and other wording after that, and that is fine, as long as the main URL is checked, you will be okay and can be sure you are actually on the correct website.


ethCrash Wagering Strategies

There are tons and tons of strategies available for any gambling platform and ethCrash is no exception. With the automated scripting section and their cookie cutter solution, the possibilities are endless for the different types of strategies you can implement in your attempt to profit big from the game.

If choosing to go with a manual approach, you can implement any strategy, as well. However, you need to pick your strategy and stick with it, less you find yourself with no Ethos because your emotions took over and you lost it all because you either feared missing out on a big pay day and busted too much or were to afraid and did not let the counter run high enough before hitting the button.

One important thing to remember is that if you are not betting with a crash point higher than 2, then it is almost impossible to win in the long run. The belief is that if you cash out under 2, when you lose, you need to win multiple times to make the amount that you lost back and this creates a situation where you are constantly playing catch up and can never get ahead.

In any scenario, you have to know when to cut your losses and start the strategy over as no strategy is going to work for very long periods of time. You do not want to end up with no Ethos to bet with, as this will not help you to earn a profit and will, in fact cause you to lose your money, leaving you broke. By planning out your strategy, instead of making it up as you go along, you will help to ensure that you will lose as little as possible and hopefully profit as much as possible at the same time.

Another tip that can be helpful is that you should always try to make it so that your winnings total more than all previous losses combined. So, if you increase your bet after every loss, make sure you increase it enough that when you do win, you cover your losses and show a profit, as well. This will help you to see a profit and avoid a situation where you are constantly playing catch up all the time.

ethCrash Conclusion

ethCrash is another fun and exciting game that uses cryptocurrency as its main feature to have fun, wager and give people a chance to earn some cash. With cryptocurrency, especially tokens like Ethereum becoming ever more popular among the mainstream populations, games like Bustabit and ethCrash are proving the world with what it needs to help the crypto world flourish, while at the same time, promoting the education and social interactions with cryptocurrencies that are needed to ensure the successful integration on a global scale.

ethCrash is a respected and trustworthy website that always pays out when a withdrawal is requested and this is great news for the cryptocurrency world. As more legitimate websites enter the mainstream populace, it helps to diminish the earlier, less savory attitude that most people have had towards bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in general.

Visit ethCrash.io to play now. For more gambling and wagering fun, visit our page Here.



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