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When it comes to crypto currencies, the information, which you can find is truly endless. People are becoming more educated and they acquire an ever increasing interest towards the currencies of the future, but as most experts conclude, the development is very mundane and measures must be taken, in order to educate the masses.

While politicians sit in their expensive bath robes, possess the English vocabulary of a first grade Somali child, “earn” salaries 20 times more than the hard working, ordinary workers, other people are developing ways to connect the young generation with work, sports and the competitive world.

Many people around the world are still feeling the effects of the 2008 global financial crisis and with the growing popularity of both eSports and crypto currencies, many young professionals have found a field in which to expand and build a life for themselves and those they care about.

In many countries around the world corruption, unemployment, low quality education and inequality are the main reasons, these two potentially limitless spheres of development, are experiencing growth issues.

These two fields, are in need of young people, not burdened with the old style of education and the old way of thinking. They need people, who want to learn, to grow and think for themselves and unfortunately these are things, which many schools in many countries simply do not teach.

The good news is things are definitely getting better and more people are realizing the enormous potential and sooner or later, a lot of people will strike gold.

eSports is already breaking records and taking names.

The phenomenon, which literally blew up markets and expectations is eSports. Together with crypto currencies, eSports reached a phenomenal increase in popularity and usage in the last few years. Less than a week ago the MSI finals, held in Berlin Germany between RNG and KZ, was watched by a total of 128 million people online, making it the largest online watched eSports event in history.

Even though most of the views came from China it was still mind blowing. A lot of 17-19 year old professional players, are now starting to earn salaries, which near their colleagues’ in mainstream sports.

These two phenomenons together, will shape the future far better than the promises of stability and progress from a group of insatiable politicians.

The world is changing, evolving and despite the mass media’s huge campaigns aimed at mass disinformation, the fake government statistics about unemployment and economic growth, young and intelligent people are finding ways to connect people like never before and this is just the beginning.

There are already some projects, which are trying to connect crypto and eSports such as: WAX, Unikoin Gold,  Enjin, Coin, Chimaera and others. The eSports industry and the ecosystem of crypto has an endless potential of growth and despite the two niches not needing each other yet, they might form a long lasting union in the foreseeable future.

Professional eSports players, do not have enough time to delve into crypto, but ordinary gamers and digital assets have a natural bond. How things will turn up in the future, is up to us.

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