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Noticias de Bitcoin

Ian Karamanov by Aug 23, 2019

Yuan-backed Stablecoin Soon to be Issued by Tether

Tether is reporedly working on a yuan-backed stablecoin. This project will reportedly be launched in the very near future under the CHT ticker.

Ian Karamanov by Aug 23, 2019

Indian Supreme Court Slams the Reserve Bank of India Over Crypto Ban

The Indian Supreme Court has surprisingly went after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on the account of the absolutely unprofessional way in which many

Ian Karamanov by Aug 22, 2019

PBoC and its New Currency Can Take Business From Chinese Giants

The PBoC and it’s newly state-issued digital currency could potentially take business away from local giants. Currently, Alipay and WeChat Pay have an

Ian Karamanov by Aug 22, 2019

World Bank Raises $33 million for Kangaroo Bond Only Via DLT

According to the World Bank, the entire operation behind the fund raising for the Kangaroo bond, which is due in August 2020, has been completed entirely

Ian Karamanov by Aug 21, 2019

PlusToken Exit Transactions Totaled 22493 Bitcoins or $2.9 billion

It’s extremely rare to see such large movement when it comes to bitcoin. Most whales remained steady even when bitcoin was at peak price. PlusToken however,

Ian Karamanov by Aug 21, 2019

103 Bitcoins Lost: QuadrigaCX Clients Still Left in the Dark

The 103 bitcoins that were transferred into QuadrigaCX wallets are still missing without a valid explanation. The company hired to act as an independent

Ian Karamanov by Aug 20, 2019

Marketing Campaign Gone Wrong: Bitmain Against Mangocoin

Every project dreams of a successful marketing campaign. When the campaign is done on the reputation of another company however, things become

Ian Karamanov by Aug 20, 2019

Answer to Libra is Ready: China’s Digital Currency Has Been Completed

The answer to Libra’s potential groundbreaking market impact has been prepared. China is fully aware of the implications that Libra’s release could have on

Ian Karamanov by Aug 19, 2019

Quonic: Crypto-Friendly Bank Is Open to Crypto Companies

The New York City bank Quonic is one of the few banks in the United States with a positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies. The bank has now also begun doing

Ian Karamanov by Aug 19, 2019

Smominru: Monero Malware Now Goes After User Data

The XMR malware known as Smominru has received a recent upgrade which allows it to not only use infected computers to mine XMR, but to also go after

Ian Karamanov by Aug 16, 2019

New RAT Targeting Cryptocurrencies Discovered by Zscaler ThreatLabz

Researchers from Zscaler Threatlabz have recently discovered a new remote access trojan (RAT). This new RAT goes by the name Saefko and it has

Ian Karamanov by Aug 16, 2019

No Deal Brexit Will Increase Bitcoin Importance in the Global Economy

When it comes to bitcoin, the majority of analysts consider it a safe haven during very important political events. A no deal brexit will result in bitcoin prices

Ian Karamanov by Aug 11, 2019

Should Young People Invest in Bitcoin

Young people have a time horizon of 30 to 50 years of investment period toward their retirement age of 60 years old or even earlier. Having that in mind, it’s advisable to invest when you’re young.

Ian Karamanov by Aug 9, 2019

Tether Whales Are Over 300 and They CAN Influence Bitcoin’s Price

It seems that there are a lot less tether whales than bitcoin and ethereum ones but the tether whales seem to hold the ability to influence the price of