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Dan Larimer, the cryptocurrency and blockchain developer and the founder of EOS, might be leaving EOS, or at least, he will be focusing on a new project. On Twitter, the cybersecurity expert @cyber_hokie, uploaded an image in which it is possible to see a few messages of Dan Larimer. Larimer says that he is working on another project.

Dan Larimer Works on Another Project

Dan Larimer is known in the crypto market as a successful developer and founder of important projects such as EOS, STEEM or BitShares. Although it seems that Daniel Larimer is moving to another project, the EOS cryptocurrency and blockchain remains to be improved.

EOS entered the market as a virtual currency and blockchain network that aimed at having a different governing system and being easier to use than Ethereum (ETH). It had a very important impulse during the first part of the year when it launched its mainnet. However, not even a year passed since EOS launched its mainnet and Larimer is already leaving.

The Twitter user @cyber_hokie, commented about this issue:

“EOS mainnet didn’t even make it a year before Dan decided to go work on something else… which umm sounds a lot like Bitcoin… yes that’s Bitcoin… we already have that.”

Larimer wrote that he is not leaving EOSIO or B1. Instead, he says that he is working on a virtual currency that is immutable, non-programmable and limited to a currency role. He then added that it would not affect the development that they are doing on EOSIO and its applications.

“EOSIO is the future of blockchain and each day our team at block one is making it faster, more secure, more scalable, and more flexible,” Larimer mentioned.

Larimer claims that he will still be working very closely to Block.One because they have many developments to implement. EOS is also registering a good activity on its decentralized applications compared to Ethereum (ETH).

During this year, EOS experienced a price increase until June/July, when it launched its mainnet. Since that moment, EOS lost part of its value, reaching the same price levels as it had back in December 2017.

At the time of writing, EOS is being traded close to $2.88 and it has a market capitalization of $2.6 billion. In the last 24 hours, it has lost around 3% of its value.

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