After many heated discussions and arguments, EOS is finally available on Coinbase. EOS will be available to all the areas in which Coinbase operates with the exception of the United Kingdom and New York. The EOS Coinbase partnership is a positive development in the middle of the trade wars between China and the United States.

Many clients will be pleased to hear that the EOS Coinbase negotiations were successful in negotiating no transaction fees. The cost will instead be paid in computing resources like RAM tax, CPU tax and/or network bandwidth. Users who contribute to the network will also earn EOS via their contribution of computing power, which will help with transactions.

This EOS Coinbase partnership is the biggest deal which the crypto exchange has done in recent times. XRP was added to Coinbase back in February and the latest addition to the exchange has a market cap of over $8 billion.

Coinbase has also noticed that stablecoins are seeing a huge raise in popularity. A little over a week ago, the exchange added support for DAI and USDC.

By all accounts May was a huge month for Coinbase. The biggest development for the exchange was not the EOS Coinbase partnership or the support for the stablecoins.

The EOS Coinbase deal simply marked the end for a very successful month for Coinbase

At the beginning of the month, Coinbase shared details about its major global expansion. There was a total of 50 new jurisdictions added to its coverage. After May 15th, the exchange was officially servicing a total of 103 countries.

Coinbase has definitely hopped on the hype train surround bitcoin’s price surge. Even though the market is incredibly volatile, a lot of companies are now stepping boldly into crypto.

The ongoing trade wars between China and the United States seem to be giving bitcoin a slight edge. Yes, things look shaky right now and some Chinese companies are definitely feeling the heat, but many companies worldwide are showing more faith in the crypto market than ever before.

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