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ELIGMA CEO Dejan Roljic describes the idea behind his platform and it sounds very intriguing. We have been very interested in everything to do with Artificial Intelligence for some time now (a very promising area) and thus what happens when you combine blockchain and AI is very appealing to us on many levels.

Eligma offers a way to transform shopping and even the commerce industry on levels you couldn’t imagine, claims its CEO – but how exactly does it work and will it be tempting enough to attract crowds?

How does it work?

Dejan Roljic states:

“Cryptocurrencies are mostly used as value holders and exchange items. We want to enable consumers to use them for buying every item imaginable.”

Th idea behind Eligma is as simple as it is enchanting: it ’s about time to achieve perfect unity with the world (like The Dalai Lama said walking into a pizza shop, “make me one with everything”). And you start by unifying all you shopping accounts into one so you can keep track of everything ever. Then you start spending less time on formalities and more time on doing the stuff you like. Admit it, if you could removу all the ineffectiveness from your work, shopping, and relationships by clicking a button, you would. Eligma will also help you find a store that accepts crypto:

“Cryptocurrency payment solutions are not yet widely adopted and that is why it is hard to find an online store that supports them.”

Did you think that was all?  Probably the most appealing aspect of Eligma is its ability to keep track of your own products so you can really understand what you have rather than reach for more. And there is something so spiritual about it all, even though the business model is all about, well, business. And the consumerist society. Still, it is possible that the way to combat the spiritless society of consumerism is through the instrument that was designed, according to many (like Amir Taaki) to bring people freedom and empowerment: blockchain. And you will know what difference a good AI can make if you ever tried to beat a computer at chess at level 4.

The fact that this tech is blockchain-enabled, you guessed it, means that there is complete transparency here, too. That means there will be complete accountability and track-back-ability (we know we just made that word up but you what we mean, right?).

So, if you are sufficiently intrigued about the ELI token, let’s open The Book OF Eli and look at the divinely beautiful concept behind Eligma.

Also, among the things that we wish we could see more of in other companies were so many advisors you’d think they’re coming off a conveyor belt as we speak. And a very impressive array of developers (the more developers the better is the general rule).

What is the principle?

As a consumer what you’re really interested in is buying with the least amount of formalities.

Few people actually aim to work on integrating connections with their competitions, and here is an example of lateral thinking that will get you thinking: Eligma has in mind a convergence of on-land and online shops, an AI that can use its intellect to look for the best price/goods ration or a particular product, and usage of ELI tokens as reward points when you use the software and the platform.

That means not only less red tape, but also plenty of opportunities to advertise and merge different brands. Just like Revain, who reward their users for leaving reviews, Eligma rewards the user for registration, purchases, and generally loyalty. Tokens can also be used to track down the required goods (and they will only be used to pay for purchases that were actually made, not only for the search itself).

Here is Rojan on the basics of the platform in his interview with Bitcocinist.com:

“There are a couple of issues that Eligma is aiming to solve. We have too many options when it comes to online shopping, so we lose too much time searching for the best offer and can’t be sure, whether we find it and we have to open a separate account for each new store we visit. Eligma’s AI will help users find the best deal quickly. If they want, they can browse further or accept Eligma’s suggestion and they can do everything from a single account.”

Eligma will envelop a variety of stores that use the platform and provide benefits for all: for users that will be the opportunity to find the goods and services for the best price, and the shops get an opportunity to find more clients (given they provide the best goods and services).

Rojan offers a very inspiring soliloquy in his whitepaper, which can be found on the website:

“Eligma is a dream I started dreaming a decade ago. Technological changes and rapid advancements made me think how everything around us is connected and how thoroughly the internet is changing the way we live. I recognized the advantages, but also the traps. One thing was obvious—in this era of data, consumers have too much to choose from and not enough time. That is why Eligma is on a mission to connect all online commerce into a one-stop point and use the latest technology to help us all navigate in a consumption-oriented world. By harnessing AI and blockchain Eligma will act as our personal shopping assistant, giving us the overview of our belongings, but most of all helping us take back control and empowering our decision-making, which we as consumers have lost. The best thing: it will save us time that we all desperately lack.”

Eligma’s business model in itself is not without elegance and offers a wide variety of features, which makes us think it is very well through-through.

There is also something worth thinking about. If you’re a fan of Tony Robbins like us you will also be certain that the most precious commodity that we all have is not gold or medals or even chests full of Bitcoins. It’s something you cannot get back once you give it. Then the most impressive part of ELigma’s whitepaper certainly stands to reason:

“Eligma will rely on artificial intelligence for giving you what you could never buy – time.”

Image by Live Bitcoin News, briandcolwell.com.


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