Unity is important in every community. Especially those wanting to develop and grow. The EOS community already has experience with division and knows how important unity is.

A few months ago, there was a competition between two rival groups. The groups were competing to launch the official EOS blockchain by using the code released by the company responsible from the protocol, Block One. Luckily, the issue was resolved quickly and the EOS community enjoyed the launch of a unified network a few weeks later.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and another reason for dispute came soon after. The language barrier between English and Mandarin became too great. Additionally, the Chinese Internet had availability issues. The so called “Great Firewall”, makes Western and Chinese cooperation on the same platforms incredibly difficult. That being said, most Western EOS supporters use Telegram, while their Chinese colleagues use WeChat.

So this creates two huge streams of information occurring simultaneously. This huge problem doesn’t let EOS live up to its name of a blockchain with democratic governance. Another huge issue is the access one part of the users have to dispute the resolution. The remaining EOS token holders find their restricted access incredibly unsatisfiying.

So early on in the network’s development, came the resolution dispute. The result was many EOS community members losing access to their private keys to different forms of scams. The EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF) was protecting users with stolen addresses from being robbed.  Even though it was a source of confusion and controversy, at least it was better than nothing. In the West, at least.

The EOS Community are no strangers to attacks

Hackers however, weren’t discriminating against users and targeted EOS users from the entire world. The Chinese users however, were not able to access ECAF’s service. Even the few that managed, were met with the harsh reality that no one spoke Mandarin. Many Chinese users were unaware that arbitration even existed as an option.

The division is growing in the recent weeks. The EOS Mandarin Arbitration Community (EMAC) aims to increase Mandarin speakers’ access to dispute resolution and there are 2 members joining ECAF. The majority of users worldwide, don’t use English as a native language. For the time being, full participation in the platform requires English.

Korean is the third most spoken language on EOS. Spanish and Portuguese also make up a large part of the non-English speakers. Most users remain firm in their desire to always have English as an option. As of today, all the three block producers are engaged with translation efforts. Granted, it’s a slow and steady work, but it’s helping the respective communities keep their interest.

Although things seem heated, there is definite improvement. Michael, Yeung, EMAC’s first chairman stepped down in July. He stated that EMAC’s efforts to promote governance awareness between the Mandarin and non-Mandarin communities have seen some success.

The process has been very hard after the organization stopped their aid to victims of attacks after they harassed and threatened EMAC volunteers. Today, EMAC focuses mainly on educating and training the Chinese-speaking community on governance in EOS. Additionally, another new organization, EOS Alliance, is currently hosting calls in Mandarin on many different topics. EOS Alliance also does many translations of governance-related documents to Mandarin and helps ease tensions.

Even though many people refer to Neo as China’s Ethereum, unity between the East and West is key for the development of the project. Many users have often stated that due to the large differences the West needs one set of solutions, while China needs a completely different one. That being said, many all future project, looking for a place on the top of the blockchain and cryptoworld, will have to face this problem eventually. Only time will tell which project will come up with the winning formula and unite both sides.

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