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DMarket – ICO

DMarket is about to launch the first cross-game marketplace, and significantly boost trading opportunities for gamers across the globe. Through blockchain technology, gamers can trade in-game items regardless of the platform they use or the game they play.

DMarket has announced that any virtual item obtained in any game, regardless of the platform, will be tradable on their marketplace. This trading platform will be based on blockchain, and it will use smart contracts to enable in-game goods to be bought and sold with a single click. The only currency that will be used in trades is the DMarket token, with which gamers can buy and sell in-game goods.

According to DMarket’s founder, Volodymyr Panchenko, smart contract and blockchain technology will enable a seamless trading experience that is perfectly safe. Once all the gaming universes are connected, there will be no need for third parties to be involved in every trade. Players will use DMarket tokens as their currency.

Dmarket ICO - trade items cross-platform

The API used to power DMarket allows different games to be integrated into this trading platform. Therefore, developers will be able to create brand new in-game markets that will enable players to buy and sell in-game goods for DMarket tokens.

By the end of 2016, gaming industry revenue reached $100 billion, and today there are over 2.2 billion players. However, only a fraction of them use their gaming skills to earn money (these are mostly streamers, game vloggers/bloggers, and pro players who compete). With the arrival of the DMarket token, players will be able to exchange their in-game goods for tokens and use those tokens to purchase real goods on DMarket.

The launch itself is planned for early-2018, and one of the major milestones for DMarket’s developers will be to gather 10 games that the platform will support at that time. The DMarket ICO is very anticipated by the blockchain community.

To find more detailed insights regarding the platform, click this link:  https://dmarket.io/.

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