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digital currency PhD program

Curtin University, the biggest college in Western Australia with has more than 58 000 students. Last week, the university declared the start of a digital currency PhD program.

The Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund will enable organizations and people to help PhD students who are studying blockchain tech, cybersecurity and data analysis through crypto funding.

Concentrated on digital currencies and blockchain tech innovation, the advanced education program will be 100% supported through bitcoin or ethereum, which school authorities state will help advance mainstream adoption.

The digital currency PhD program will help mainstream adoption

Curtin University Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Excellence Professor Garry Allison takes note that the digital currency PhD program presents a great opportunity for crypto investors to cultivate another generation of PhD graduates who will help build up this new innovation.

Allison stated:

“By building up the Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund, Curtin will give the chance to business visionaries who have acknowledged huge advantages from digital forms of money, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum to give something back to these networks,”

This digital currency PhD program implies that rich crypto investrors can help encourage the reception of Bitcoin and blockchain tech.  Additionally, the most liberal givers can even pick the field of studies they wish to support.

Over the most recent couple of months, other instructive foundations like Dublin City University and University of British Columbia have propelled blockchain innovation programs.

While Dublin City University banded together with tech organization Ireland ICT Skillnet to offer a master’s degree, University of British Columbia declared  graduate training programs in blockchain tech.

Back in 2013, the University of Nicosia in Cyprus turned into the principal college on the planet giving students the option to pay in bitcoin.

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