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German stock exchange, Detsche Börse, is considering the possibility to launch Bitcoin Futures contracts. If it achieves that, Germany will be the first country to issue bitcoin futures in the European Continent.

Bitcoin Futures Spreading

Executives of Deutsche Börse are considering launching bitcoin futures, according to the German business magazine Wirtschafts Woche. In this way, Germany will be the first country in the European Union offering bitcoin futures. Deutsche Börse Group is one of the largest exchanges in Europe and in the world.

“We are thinking about futures, with which private investors and institutional investors can protect existing investments in bitcoin or set for falling prices of the cyber currency,” said a spokesperson for Deutsche Börse.

At the moment, the Deutsche Börse Group didn’t give any details about the contracts. The exchange has mentioned that they need more time in order to have a clear decision about the bitcoin futures. The details will be unveiled as soon as a technical analysis will be performed.

“As a fully regulated exchange, we need to address all of the above and more, before we can launch products,” told the spokesperson.

Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse

Bitcoin Futures

The last Sunday the Chicago Board Options Exchanges (CBOE) launched bitcoin futures for institutional investors. The same will happen in some days when the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) will decide to offer bitcoin futures’ contracts to its investors. The CME manages much more funds and the settlements in Bitcoin will be larger than in the CBOE.

Nasdaq, one of the biggest stock markets in the world has also announced that it will launch bitcoin futures in 2018. The coming year will see a widespread adoption of markets offering bitcoin futures settlements. In fact, at the moment, none of the coming contracts are held in Bitcoin, but all of them are cash settled. No Bitcoin is involved in the transactions.

In Asia, the Tokyo Financial Exchange is working in order to list bitcoin futures as soon as possible. These decisions that bring investors of all kinds to the cryptocurrency market, legitimize it. While cryptocurrencies have always been taken as the dark web currencies, now important institutions realize that they are the future itself.

Different banks, institutions and hedge funds are working with blockchain technology and other similar platforms (like the Ripple network) in order not to lag behind cryptocurrencies. Blockchain offers faster transactions at a cheaper cost, and different kinds of asset can be transacted almost instantly.

The markets have reacted cautiously to the CBOE bitcoin futures launching, and they are still waiting for the CME. We have witnessed a rally in most of the cryptocurrencies during the last week and now they are operating stable.


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