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Over 350 free programs giving a cover up almost to all the atmosphere of entrepreneurial business in the seventh annual Denver Startup Week which get started on Monday through to the Friday. A package of events covering the now present tech called blockchain might be on the notice of Monday’s consulting schedule.

Blockchain — a decentralized, digital ledger capable of tracking bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transfers and, potentially, a whole mess of other stuff — has been very much the talk of the town lately, so much the governor this summer selected a special council to look into the legal foundations necessary to push the tech forward in the state at same time providing protection to the consumers. Startup Week co-sponsor/co-organizer the Downtown Denver Partnership certainly wouldn’t mind seeing the city and state grow its rep as a blockchain hotbed.

“Denver Startup Week has become a bit of a platform for introducing new technology. Last year we had a couple of sessions around blockchain that were really well received,” “How do we continue to foster an environment that attracts the businesses, the talent and the customers –the business community that will use the technology?”, Randy Thelen said on Friday.

Startup Week this year, is going to have nine blockchain-centric events on Monday alone of which majority to them was centered around a “Blockchain Hub” that is being established at Booz Hall RiNO, 2845 Walnut St. One massive attraction is a “food trucks and libations” station, a public square where hungry and thirsty consumers will have change their money into bitcoin using an ATM if they want to eat or drink.

“I think this is an opportunity for people to go and attend this and get a little more hands-on experience and a deeper understanding,” he said.

The chief technology officer Bill Sinclair and interim president and CEO of Salt Blockchain Financial Technology, a Denver-based company that since 2017 has been giving traditional loans investment against cryptocurrency holdings. He will host a blockchain-focused set talk at Booz Hall Monday with Stephanie Copeland, head of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade and Erik Voorhees, CEO of crypto exchange company Shapeshift.

“The entire day Salt is sponsoring educational events, trying to break down those barriers” … “We’ll have everyone there from developers to marketers. It’s all hands-on deck to make people as comfortable as possible and help them understand how it works.”

State Sen. Angela Williams, D-Denver, will be at the hub will aid the visitors set up digital bitcoin wallets that, with the aid of an app, will give them the chance to make transactions without the use of cash or card.

According to Sinclair description, blockchain is a tech that gives transparency and protection to our already existing system of database-tracked money. Rather than using cards at the stores and trusting that the private bank database holding your money is transferring the right amount to the right destination, blockchain verifies through its public ledger that a consumer did in fact have $20 and that $20 was conferred on the store.

“I think we could see all types of ownership moving to blockchains,” Sinclair stated, making use of a home or vehicle title history as examples.

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