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Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and decentralization have been spreading across the world. In the next years they will re-shape the financial markets, communities, governments and states as we know them today.

Datarius is a 100% transparent brand new social cryptobank that will provide various financial services and ensure absolute freedom to its customers. Datarius is a P2P ecosystem that allows users to decide themselves whether to use any of variable services and applications.

Problems and Solutions

The current financial system suffers from lack of transparency, high charges and fees, no feedback, slow transactions and bureaucratic processes and hard selling. As the traditional approaches fail, Datarius Cryptobank provides people with a free and a global access to the maximum number of financial products as possible.

As cryptocurrencies keep expanding, the demand for them and new financial products is becoming visible. Datarius has been designed in order to solve this problem by introducing options of different cryptocurrency services into payment infrastructure.

The intention is to create an entirely new transparent financial product that provides customers with clear tools and greater opportunities. Datarius will bring a new level of automation to the industry, that will help to overcome the classic stereotypes of the system.

Among other services, Datarius will offer currency transactions, direct lending, investment programmes, credits for SMEs, demand deposits and intra-system card products.

The token that will be used in the platform is the DTRC Token. This will allow users to participate in Datarius cryptobank.


The roadmap can be found at Datarius webpage. The company has decided to go for a semi interactive project implementation plan. It is a time line that moves horizontally and shows the most important developments that will take place in the next months and years.

It starts from January 2018 with the approval of the prototype TR and keeps until July 2020. There is a short explanation month after month about what Datarius will develop and how it will affect the platform.

The company explains that the implementation measures and timeframe may be changed due to some technical aspects.

Token Distribution

One of the most important points for an ICO is to determine how they will use the fund and which will be the top priorities for the team.

The General Distribution of Tokens will be as follows:

  • Basic Package of Tokens 73%

This amount of tokens will be available to all interested backers during the entire ITO campaign.

  • Reserve Fund 15%

This will constitute a Corporate Stabilization Fund that will be administered by the future cryptobank users.

  • Exclusive Bonuses 5%

That would be distributed among Advisers, Media, state and commercial institutions that provide support to iCrypto SA.

  • Project Team 5%

The team will be awarded with 5% of the tokens in order to promote the development of the company and the product.

  • Bounty Campaign 2%

Bounty Campaign participants will receive 2% of the tokens according to the confirmed statistics of participation.

Should I Invest in Datarius?

We will discuss different aspects of the Initial Coin Offering as the team, the business model, the website and the token. After it, there will be a short conclusion that will summarize these aspects.

  • Team

Datarius team is conformed by several experts in different areas including economics, marketing, engineering and psychology.

Aleksey Vuyko:

Aleksey Vuyko is Datarius COO. He has a Master of Economics and Applied Engineering and several years of experience in financial companies and banks. He has a deep knowledge of business planning, operational processes and marketing sales.

Aleksey Vuyko

Aleksey Vuyko

LinkedIn Profile

Larisa Sokolovskaya:

Larisa Sokolovskaya is the Chief Financial Officer of Datarius Cryptobank. She has a higher education in the Planning of the National Economy and has an expertise of over ten years in key management positions at the Departments of the Economic Planning, Analysis and Monitoring.

Larisa Sokolovskaya

Larisa Sokolovskaya

LinkedIn Profile

Ruslan Vasyutin:

Ruslan Vasyutin is Datarius CMO. He has a Psychology Ph.D. and has studied Enterprise Economics and Marketing Management. He has over 20 years of experience in top-management, including 10 years as CEO of “Kniazha Life Vienna Insurance Group”. He has published more than 50 papers and is coauthor of three business psychology and personal growth study guides.

Ruslan Vasyutin

Ruslan Vasyutin

LinkedIn Profile

Other team members and advisers are Juan Ignacio Guzman, Founder of G&D Asesores Jurídicos, Kristina Rezugina, Community Manager, Maxim Pashkovkiy, Legal Support for the ICO, Dmitriy Kravchenko, Social Media Marketing, and Sofia Samosadkina, Community Manager.

Team 5/5

  • Whitepaper

The white paper has a very complete information about what Datarius is and how they want to achieve their goals. The team has explained the milestone plan they have in a very detailed way and with precise dates. They leave less than 7 pages in order to explain the Initial Token Offering (ITO), and presenting the team and advisers.

It is important to have a simple white paper, but over simplifying things sometimes leads to missing information. It seems complete, but it would be a plus if they would have added the same detailed explanation to the ITO as they did with the milestones plan.

But overall, it is a good white paper that works as it should.

White Paper 4/5

  • Business

Datarius ICO is trying to simplify the finance and banking industry by including everyone. As cryptocurrencies expand and financial services spread, it is sometimes complicated to grant equal access to them. That’s why, Datarius is working in order to provide a free and equal access to the maximum number of financial products as possible.

The platform will offer an important set of financial tools, credits and accounts that will simplify the whole financial industry. It will empower individuals with greater opportunities and freedom of choice and action.

If the financial industry does not change, then the projects may be successful. Even if the financial industry adapts itself to this new world in which we live, then Datarius will need to fight for a place in the market. It has everything what it needs in order to succeed.

Business 3/5

  • Website

The website is very complete; it has everything what needs to be explained. The roadmap, the Initial Token Offering information, the token used, some informational videos and basic information about the ICO.

The design is as most of the ICOs in the market. It is a good website for an Initial Coin Offering, with all the information required and with a standard ICO website design.

Website 4/5

  • Token Evaluation

The DTRC Token is a unique access key and the only tool for participating in the Datarius decentralized cryptobank system. The purchased tokens will allow users to access the different products and services that will be offered in the platform. Furthermore, the purchased tokens entitle active holders to receive 65% of the fees and charges collected by the Datarius cryptobank. This amount will be distributed annually starting from 2019 according to the number of the token holders.

The token is based on the ERC-20 smart contract from the Ethereum network. Users will be interacting with each other using the DTRC Token. The token will gain its value as more users start participating from the network and it success with depend on the success of the ICO once it is launched.

Token Evaluation 3/5


Datarius Crytpobank has a well prepared team, ready to work in order to develop Datarius. The financial world is not giving the proper answers that individuals need and Datarius is trying to change that. With decentralization, the intention is to empower individuals with different financial tools and services.

It will be important to follow how the roadmap will be developed. As there is a step by step roadmap every month, it will be easier to see whether the ICO is moving forward or struggling.

Total 4/5


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