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A dark web drug dealer must relinquish $4 million in assets including bitcoin after he confessed to charges of illegal tax avoidance and involvement in a scheme used to distribute controlled substances.

As indicated by a public statement from the Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of New York on July 25, Richard Castro – who used nicknames like “Chemsusa”, “Chems_USA” and “Jagger109” while using the dark web  – is asserted to have sold carfentanil, fentanyl, and a fentanyl simply called phenyl fentanyl on the dark web markets including AlphaBay and Dream Market. He was allegedly involved in the illegal distribution of these substances since November 2015.

Castro has confessed to accepting mainly bitcoin as payment for the substances.

He allegedly managed to launder the money by using bitcoin wallets and unironically, buying up nearly 100 quadrillion Zimbabwe bank notes.

According to the release, his alleged partner, Luis Fernandez, dispatched the drugs from areas including from New York City.

Manhattan U.S. Lawyer Geoffrey S. Berman stated:

“As he conceded today, for a considerable length of time, Richard Castro utilized dark web markets to disperse huge amounts of narcotics, including fentanyl and carfentanil. Castro fully relied on the anonymity provided by the dark web, and used several online nicknames to sell drugs – like ‘Chems_usa’ and ‘Chemical_usa.’ Thanks to our law implementation accomplices, ‘Chems_usa’ is now comfortably a in U.S. jail.”

Back in 2018, as indicated by the indictment details, Castro told his clients he was moving his business off the dark web and would complete his drug trades by means of encrypted emails. That was his worst mistake.

The dark web drug dealer made a very foolish mistake

While using the “Chems_usa” nickname, he asked clients to pay a fee for the email address. Be that as it may, Castro got caught redhanded after a covert law official paid the charge, was given the encoded email address and placed drug orders with Castro.

On Dream Market, Castro is said to have bragged about finalizing more than 3,200 exchanges on the dark web.

As indicated by the discharge, Fentanyl is “essentially more grounded” than heroin, while carfentanil is around multiple times more grounded than fentanyl. It is even viewed as a concoction weapon.

As a component of the plea, Castro has consented to hand over $4,156,198.18 in illegal income, including the substance of his seven distinctive bitcoin wallets.

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