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CybCSec Coin [XCS]

CybCSec Coin [XCS] is a new cryptocurrency being released by the Scandinavian based cybersecurity company, CybCSec Solutions (company formation pending). Their main long-term focus will be on business and personal cybersecurity features for business and personal users.

The team comprises of industry-leading developers from the cybersecurity sector, with the core developer having over two decades working in the mainstream industry. Over the coming months and years CybCSec Solutions will strive to become the leading developer in the Crypto-verse, creating and implementing innovative security for personal and business users.

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The CybCSec Whitepaper states that feature releases will be rolled out in stages (Phases) and that CybCSec Coin has been created to have a long term and stable ecosystem growth model to be easily implemented with pre-existing businesses.

Phase 1 “Feature Release” of the CybCSec coin has already started, with the cryptocurrency itself being created and tested. Wallets are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. With TOR enabled connections for secure messaging and stealth addresses for anonymous receiving of payments already implemented and working.

Phase 1 “Ecosystem / Growth” has also started and agreements are in place with a global network sales team that operates in more than one hundred countries. The groups members, which comprises of more than ten thousand restaurants, cafe’s and shops will accept XCS DIRECTLY as a payment method for products and services. CybCSec Solutions expect to release a compiled database of retail outlets accepting XCS by the end of Q3 2017.

Phase 2 “Feature Releases” will see user-friendly Smart Contracts implementation, allowing for the “average user” to integrate XCS into their pre-existing business models and new Smart Contracts to be created.

Phase 2 “Ecosystem / Growth” will see CybCSec Solutions focus on integration with a range of shopping clubs and online merchants, working with their global sales team in order to build further support for the currency worldwide.

“We estimate by the middle of 2018 we should see an active user base of over half a million people and by the end of 2018/beginning of 2019 that should be over a million users” – CybCSec Solutions CEO.

Phase 3 “Feature Releases” will introduce Antivirus, Cyber Security, Intrusion Sensors, Secure File Transfers and additional secure based innovations being developed by CybCSec Solutions.

Currency Specifications:

  • Currency Name: CybCSec Coin
  • Ticker: XCS
  • Total Supply 250,000,000 XCS
  • Proof of Stake: 8% Annual Reward
  • Block Times ~64 seconds

Crowdsale Details:

Unlike other innovative companies of late who have tried to raise as much money as possible from ICOs, CybCSec Solutions have stated that they only plan to sell approx 2.5% of the total supply in order to raise funds for phases 2 and 3 development, with the option to release further XCS to the market should there be need to raise more funds for further developments in the future.

The public sale will take place in an ICO-style format with several stages and price increases at each stage, information about the ICO can be found on the official website for CybCSec Solutions.

The ICO will be hosted directly by CybCSec Solutions via their dedicated website, with payment processing being handled by CoinPayments. For full ICO details and to stay up to date, visit the ICO page here – https://cybcsecico.com/

The lead developer from CybCSec Solutions says: “It is our vision to change the way cryptocurrency operates within any given ecosystem and to provide a much safer and productive experience for all cryptocurrency users worldwide. A secure and unique environment along with personal safety is a priority for a thriving ecosystem and CybCSec Solutions aims to be a leader in this field.

To further this, we believe cryptocurrency should be inclusive and available to everyone, and that is why, along with our agreements in place with the global sales team we also offer education to business and personal users looking to further understand this world-changing innovation that we have been given with cryptocurrency and it is our intention to make cryptocurrency more accessible and accepted worldwide”.

For further information about XCS currency, CybCSec Solutions or the upcoming ICO visit the official website at https://cybcsec.com/

CybCSec are running a small competition to giveaway 1000 XCS coins, for a chance to win have a look at the competition here: https://gleam.io/27KP6/cybcsec-giveaway-competition


Here are more infos on the CybCSec ICO!

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