CryptoTrader Review

Work in Progress

Dear visitor, we are currently working on a review about CryptoTrader – automated trading system. If you have already any experiences, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

We will try to showcase our testing on a day to day basis. Here our page about Cryptocurrency Trading, it contains general info about trading coins! And now let us start!

CryptoTrader Testing

Creating an Account

Creating an account was easy as pie. As a simple free acount, you can’t do much more than read ..

To be able to do and test more, we decided to upgrade our account to PRO, which allows us to use one of the offered strategies.

CryptoTrader - Subscription Plans

Next step is to choose a strategy.

Choosing a Strategy

By switching to the “Strategy”-Tab, you can see many different strategies, available for free or for rent. Here is how it is seen:

CryptoTrader - Choosing a Strategy

On the right side you can see the cost and a popularity percentage. We decided to rent the Johny Got his Gun strategy because it was somehow popular and not the most expensive one.

So in total our investment is:
$40 (strategy) + 0.05 BTC = $80. Let us see if this pays out. We will invest 1 BTC and see, if we can get the needed 10% trading profits, to not have any losses.

Starting the Trading Bot

On the bottom of the chosen strategy, you can now start it by pressing on RUN! The button looks like this: CryptoTrader - Starting the Bot

After this, you can choose if the bot should be only simulating or trading on your real account!

CryptoTrader - Simulated or Live Run

We decided to try it out LIVE.

Setting up the Bot

You can now choose the desired Market, Instrument and Period. We choose ETH/BTC on the Poloniex Exchange. Then you need to give the API to your trading account, this info can be found on the trading platform, in our case it was POLONIEX.

Pressing RUN, will finish the process and start the Bot. So our (hopefully) money making bot is set up in under 5 minutes!

We did this for DASH, XMR, DOGE and FCT. Also started a simulation on ETC/BTC.

Day 1 and 2

On the Live Trading Tap, you can view the details of your trading bots. Here are the results on the beginning of day 2:

CryptoTrader - Results Day 1 and 2

As you can see, it is not easy to understand. For example, there is a mistake at the REAL DOGE Bot, because we didn’t start with 3575073,57143, but we started with 3645,60714. So it says the BOT lost 99,9%, which is not true. It didn’t even trade once with the cryptocurrency DOGE.

But as you can see, the trading algorithm has been only active 2 times. It is on the currency DASH. It has a performance of -6,32%. Which is also, WRONG. Because we didn’t start with 80,62169, but with 0. So he bought at POLONIEX DASH/BTC BUY LIMIT 0.67 at 0.01322. And since the price of DASH is 0.01318827, we don’t know how the -6,32% are calculated.

Summary: Day 1 & 2: Not exactly sure why the bot calculates like he does. Will try to keep this page updated daily with any results. So you can choose on yourself if CryptoTrader is worth it or if you just want to follow the trades we show off their bot.

Day 3

Hello guys! It is already day 3 of our experiment ‘CryptoTrader’! We figured out why the percentages of the crypto-bot are that messy. It is because all our Bitcoins are on one platform. This means, that if we for example, lose on an XMR trade, we lose a part of our start capital. This changed start capital is considered in all future trade statistics, which is just misleading. This is why we decided to write each of the automated trades and calculate the profits & losses on our own!

You can see our current and all future trading statistics always on the bottom of this post, starting now!

Summary Day 3:
We had one small win and lose over DASH and XMR respectively. Also, the bot managed to buy on the FCT blow up! Which is awesome, since hardly any human can react that fast and also see this earnings opportunity! We hope now, that the bot will close the position before all the earnings are eaten up!

Day 4

We checked the trading activities and saw that our FCT position got closed. We were thrilled to see the earnings since the position had over 10% + the day before. Well, you can imagine our sad expressions when we saw, that the bot managed to close the position with a LOSS! Here, see for yourself:

Our FCT_BTC Trade on Cryptotrader

The green marking shows the moment of a buy. The red marking shows when the position is closed. So you can see that there was enough time to react and sell the position. This lead us to opening a new category to this cryptotrader review: lessons learned. And in this case, it is to not 100% trust the bot to make everything better than one alone. This can be seen below our trades, on the bottom of this page!

Still, there is something positive to be said about this trade. It could have been a lot worse, as you can see the price now is even lower!

Also, there was a filled ETH buy order. So let us hope this will go in our direction!
Summary day 4: Started the new paragraph about lessons learned, after the bot didn’t take possible profits. Also, a new ETH position has been opened.

Day 5

Another day, another trade at exactly 00:00 o’clock. We guess that the algorithm is using daily values or averages to do make this call. The CryptoTrader trading bot has closed an ETH position. Sadly, another loss. As we always try to learn from our mistakes, or in this case from the mistakes of the strategy, we came to a new conclusion: If the Bitcoin price is exploding, other cryptocurrencies will probably decline!

Let us explain, why it is always like that! To do this, let us show you the current situation:

Rise of Bitcoin

Decline of all Cryptocurrencies

Why does it come to this phenomenon, that altcoins fall when Bitcoin rises?

Well, it is simple since all cryptocoins are connected to Bitcoin. This leads to the fact, that if Bitcoin rises, then also the value of any altcoin will rise because all altcoins can be traded for BTC. If the statement above would be wrong, then the price of each altcoin would grow with the increase of bitcoin, and vice verse. This would lead to an extream and unrealistic growth of the altcoins.

What does your knowledge mean?

Let us make a simple example:
Price of BTC: 800 USD
1 ETH = 0.1 BTC
We buy 10 Eth for 1 BTC.
BTC increase of 5% after trading ETH/BTC.
ETH/BTC price declines for 5%.
At first, the value of our investment is: 10*1*800 = 8000 USD.
After the BTC increase: 8000*1.05=8400 USD
After the ETH fall: 8400*0.95 = 7980 USD
This leads to a total decline of 1- 7980/8000 = 0.25%. Which is probably completely different than what one would have expected!


  1. For each %-decline, you need a higher %-increase.
  2. You can’t simply calculate your profit/loss by just monitoring the altcoin. You need to take the BTC/USD into consideration.

Day 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

We were not tracking the bot and his automated trades over Christmas. So let us see, what he has done.

Since the 22 of December 2016 has done following trades:

  • Sold ETH – closed the position with a loss
  • Bought FCT
  • Sold XMR – closed position with a loss
  • Bought DASH
  • Sold FCT – closed the position with a small loss
  • Sold DASH – closed the position with a profit
  • Bought XMR – currently having a nice profit, position still not closed!

Summary: It seems obvious that this cryptotrader bot does not have ‘short’ trading enabled. Which is of course a pity, since the coin market besides BTC was falling.

Day 11 to 17

Okay, from now we should be keeping this more frequently updated since all the holidays are over! Day 11 to 17 represent the time from the 27th of December to the 2nd of January 2017!

So let us see what has happened besides the Bitcoin price breaking the 1000$ barrier (whoop whoop!):

There was a good XMR buy for about 0.01114500 BTC per XMR on the 26th. On the 27th the XMR price had risen to 0.01310000 BTC. Which was an increase of 15%. Though sadly the cryptotrader-bot had sold it for 0.01141500 BTC just hours before the spike. Also, two more XMR sell orders have been executed. While one of them having a 0.2 BTC profit! There were also two fast ETH-Trades, which ended yielding good 10% of profit. So maybe the curse of 80% losing positions has ended? Let us hope.

Summary: What we like about the bot is, that it cuts the losses pretty fast. Maximum loss being 0.05 BTC. So even if there are more losing positions than winning, the cryptotrader bot has currently made profit! Our conclusion of this is, that the bot doesn’t have a very ‘smart’ closing logic, just a 5% of the starting capital threshold. In our case it was 1 BTC, this is why nearly every position is closed with a 0.05 BTC loss.

Day 18 of our CryptoTrader Test

Day 18 = 3.1.2017. We got a new big winning position, XMR! Also, we have learned how to easily find out our gains/losses, because as stated in day 1 & 2, it wasn’t easy – at least until now!

To show you what exactly we mean, here is how the executed orders have been displayed to us:
CryptoTrader - Executed Orders

And as you can see, there are three issues here:

  1. Cancelled orders – We need to clean up the data before we can analyze it over Excel.
  2. Lots and lots of filled orders – Since Thanasis Bot ‘? Johnny Got his Gun (ALL PAIRS)’ is using the so called iceberg model. Which is just splitting all the buy orders in small parts, so we don’t get an unlucky ‘bad’ price. This makes us each time get lots of data which we need to make averages for etc.
  3. Too much data – And because there is so much data, there is a limit of data to be shown. This means, that if there are, let us say, more than 100 rows, the CryptoTrader-Website is showing only the newest 100 rows. This means, that we need to track the trades over our Email notifications of the trade- This costs even more time than the steps before, because we can’t just copy-paste all at once. We go manually over each mail and copy the buy price and amount…

Solution to those problems was just discovered! We saw that the Poloniex-Exchange offers an awesome analyzing function. So let us showcase this on the latest XMR position:

Using Poloniex to analyze trade history

So as you can see, we just need to state the COIN and the DATE of the trades and we get all the needed information in seconds! In this case Profit/Loss: +0.16857419 BTC (fees included!). Good job to us finding this, to Poloniex for providing this tool and to the bot for making this trade!

Day 19,20,21,22

Day 19 = 4.1.2017
Just one day after buying FCT (Factom) the Cryptotrader Bot has decided to close down the position. And luckily for us with a 0.11877754 BTC profit! This whole Cryptotrader-review starts to be way too positive, but what shall we say, we didn’t expect this either.

The cryptocurrency trading bot has also opened and closed an XMR and DOGE positions. Also made a perfect buy on ETH. As you can see in the graphic below, the bot is mainly trading on momentum. What the exact parameters are, we have yet to figure out:

Our ETH_BTC Trade on Cryptotrader

So let us hope the bot will continue this great winning streak since Bitcoin fell from 1150USD to 850USD.

Day 23 & 24

Day 23 = 8.1.2017
Over the weekend the cloud bot has not traded that greatly. A total of 0.07 BTC loss. Well, we see this as something that should not stress us too much, since we are still more than 0.2 BTC in plus.

Also, we changed the settings in the bot, so he can trade a maximum of 1 BTC each position. Previously it was set to ALL, so the risk/reward has been reduced. Which is something we recommend everyone doing.

Day 25

Day 25 = 10.1.2017
Today nothing special, there was just a midnight trade (between the 9nth and the 10nth) at XMR (21:45). We think the algorithm takes the MACD indicator (wiki) to account. MACD, short for moving average convergence/divergence is a momentum trading indicator. The buy signal is made when the MACD line crosses the MACD signal line. In the following Wikipedia picture this would be the blue line going over the red line:

MACD cryptotrading signal

This would be also true for the XMR buy-order on the 8.1.2017 14:00.

Day 26

Day 26 = 11.1.2017
The XMR position got closed on minus. Though the position was long time in plus. This leads us to our first lessons learned – which we again didn’t follow: To not relay 100% on the cryptotrader bot. Bot has also opened a new FCT position, which we feel was a good call since the price dropped a lot.

Day 27, 28, 29, 30

Day 30 = 15.1.2017
Some positions got traded. Nothing too spectacular to note. Subscription going to an end, what should we do? Test it again? Test a different cryptotrader strategy? Or even a complete different website?

The final days

Last day (31 trading day) = 17.01.2017: We have now come to an end.

BUY Orders

Buy 72,77 DASH for 0,01321486 BTC (19.12.2016)
Buy 10,147087 XMR for 0,010996119 BTC (19.12.2016)
Buy 222,455997 FCT for 0,003864803 BTC (19.12.2016)
Buy 10,09385247 ETH for 0,009724306 BTC (20.12.2016)
Buy 86,14043333 ETH for 0,00959473 BTC (21.12.2016)
Buy 40,63967155 ETH for 0,00956748 BTC (22.12.2016)
Buy 65,17851870 FCT for 0,002743264 BTC (23.12.2016)
Buy 78,38108914 XMR for 0,010819 BTC (22.12.2016)
Buy 68 DASH for 0,010871553 BTC (24.12.2016)
Buy 132 XMR for 0,011066869 BTC (26.12.2016)
Buy 117 XMR for 0,012918475 BTC (27.12.2016)
Buy 133 XMR for 0,013840853 BTC (30.12.2016)
Buy 163 ETH for 0,07612606 BTC (28.12.2016)
Buy 100 ETH for 0,008650862 BTC (1.1.2017)
Buy 258 FCT for 0,003111737 BTC (31.12.2016)
Buy 119 XMR for 0,01459242BTC (2.1.2017)
Buy 620 FCT for 0,00306080 BTC (3.1.2017)
Buy 833220 DOGE for 0.00000023 BTC (5.1.2017)
Buy 232 XMR for 0.01633426 BTC (4.1.2017)
Buy 223 ETH for 0.01158419 BTC (6.1.2017)
Buy 187 DASH for 0.01400386 BTC (7.1.2017)
Buy 42 FCT for 0.00317548 BTC (8.1.2017)
Buy 164 XMR for 0.01489530 BTC (8.1.2017)
Buy 168 XMR for 0.01499646 BTC (9.1.2017)
Buy 757 FCT for 0.00315340 BTC (11.1.2017)
Buy 117 ETH for 0.01215170 BTC (11.1.2017)
Buy 118 XMR for 0.01489614 BTC (13.1.2017)
Buy 163 XMR for 0.01405300 BTC (14.1.2017)
Buy 182 XMR for 0.01301319 BTC (15.1.2017)
Buy 200 ETH for 0.01172405 BTC (17.1.2017)

SELL Orders

Sell 18,74 DASH for 0,01294556 BTC (19.12.2016)
Sell 10,47341221 XMR for 0,01069104 BTC (19.12.2016)
Sell 222.52 FCT for 0,00364 BTC (21.12.2016)
Sell 10,69124842 ETH for 0,00959714 BTC (21.12.2016)
Sell 13,54359842 ETH for 0,00903 BTC (22.12.2016)
Sell 24.77532067 ETH for 0.00827 BTC (23.12.2016)
Sell 70,97083292 FCT for 0,00281327 BTC (25.12.2016)
Sell 110,5515729 XMR for 0,010385 BTC (24.12.2016)
Sell 68 DASH for 0,01119892 BTC (25.12.2016)
Sell 69 XMR for 0,01114500 BTC (27.12.2016)
Sell 117 XMR for 0,01470 BTC (28.12.2016)
Sell 98 XMR for 0,013385 BTC (30.12.2016)
Sell 225,95716951 ETH for 0,00855 BTC (29.12.2016)
Sell 100 ETH for 0,0082 BTC (2.1.2017)
Sell 300 FCT for 0,00292289 BTC (1.1.2017)
Sell 119 XMR for 0,01600824 BTC (3.1.2017)
Sell 620 FCT for 0.00325225 BTC (4.1.2017)
Sell 833220 DOGE for 0.00000024 BTC (6.1.2017)
Sell 232 XMR for 0.01557621 BTC (6.1.2017)
Sell 223 XMR for 0.01174608 BTC (7.1.2017)
Sell 223 DASH for 0.01379659 BTC (8.1.2017)
Sell 42 FCT for 0.00320307 BTC (9.1.2017)
Sell 164 XMR for 0.01455775 BTC (9.1.2017)
Sell 164 XMR for 0.01460092 BTC (11.1.2017)
Sell 757 FCT for 0.00342929 BTC (13.1.2017)
Sell 117 ETH for 0.01204079 BTC (13.1.2017)
Sell 118 XMR for 0.01411543 BTC (13.1.2017)
Sell 79 FCT for 0.00335413 BTC (14.1.2017)
Sell 182 XMR for 0.01291861 BTC (17.1.2017)
Current sell price 200 ETH for 0.01181162 BTC (20.1.2017)


Loss of 2,1% or -0,005046682 BTC
Profit of 2,8% or 0,003195218 BTC
Loss of 6,1% or 0,050000000 BTC
Loss of 1,3% or 0,0012835900 BTC
Loss of 7,2% or 0,007000000 BTC
Loss of 16,0% or 0.0328000000 BTC
Profit of 2,5% or 0,005000000 BTC
Loss of 4% or 0,03400000000 BTC
Win of 3% or 0,022260000000 BTC
Win of 1% or 0,024369170000 BTC
Win of 13,4% or 0,208295685 BTC
Loss of 3,3% or -0,044677927 BTC
Profit of 12,3% or 0,153334462 BTC
Loss of 5,3% or -0,045086200 BTC
Loss of 6,1% or -0,04872252600 BTC
Profit of 9,7% or 0,16857419 BTC
Profit of 6,254% or 0.11877754 BTC
Profit of 4,2% or 0.00754440 BTC
Loss of 4,7% or -0.17650454 BTC
Profit of 1,4% or 0.05538066 BTC
Loss of 1,5% or -0.03877774 BTC
Profit of 0,9% or +0.00116615BTC
Loss of 2,3% or -0.05545077 BTC
Loss of 2,7% or -0.06645072 BTC
Profit of 9,1% or 0.2089112100 BTC
Loss of 1% or -0.0129875800 BTC
Loss of 1% or -0.0925374000 BTC
Loss of 2.7% or -0.00741269 BTC
Loss of 0.8% or -0.01721356 BTC
Unrealized Profit of 1% or 0.017514000 BTC
  • Profit in % 1%

Profit based on the automated cryptocurrency trades made by the rented CryptoTrader bot!
Hint: % and real amount are mainly that different, because the bot made smaller positions with the losses at first. And bigger positions with the gains.

Because of the third lesson learned (see below), we know that our calculation is not 100% correct if we base our profit in example USD. Meaning, that our portfolio value is not raising by the percent showed above. This is why we wanted to showcase the increase of BTC to USD since day 1. Though you should not forget, that you can not just add those two numbers to see the USD increase of portfolio value.

  • BTC/USD increase (Startprice 792). Calculation based on the current price of 915$ 15.1%

Profit in BTC

CryptoTrader: Lessons Learned

After testing CryptoTrader we have came to following conclusions:

  1. Don’t trust the bot to do everything 100% correctly! You can close a winning/losing position on your own, don’t need to wait for the bot to do this.
  2. If a trade is currently looking very good, or very bad – reduce the position! You can take small profits/losses without closing the whole position. This can reduce the risk to lose the profit or in the other case, to lose even more.
  3. If the price of BTC rises, then most altcoins will fall. Need to take this into consideration when calculation profits and loss, and also when deciding to buy/sell an altcoin.
  4. Bot is closing each position when the loss is about 5% of the starting capital (in our case 1 BTC). So maybe stop the bot if you want to close this manually.

CryptoTrader Review: Summary

So our 1-month rent of Thanasis’ Bot? Johnny Got his Gun (ALL PAIRS) has expired! So let us just start by saying it was a lot of fun mixed with an emotional rollercoaster and a lot of lessons learned!

End of the day, we made a trading profit of 0.22324315 BTC. If we subtract the cost of the strategy 40 USD and the fee to use the cryptotrader-platform of 0.009 BTC we come to the final result of about 0.18 BTC PROFIT! This is a portfolio increase of about 10% – since we actually had some coins lent on the exchange (which we transferred to our trading account).

Are we happy with our CryptoTrader Test Results?

This is something we totally didn’t expect. This is why we are currently thinking which strategy and/or platform to test out next! If you want to see something in particular, just suggest it in the comment section below!
Though one should not forget, that the 10% we – or better said the bot – achieved are not guaranteed to be achieved the next month.

What will we do the in our next cryptocurrency bot trading text better?
This is a legit question. We made a lot of mistakes and miscalculations – as you probably know if you read all the article or at least our “lessons learned”. For sure we could have limited our losses or increased our gains if we had manually closed the trading positions. This is something we will try to do in our next test!

5/5 - (9 votes)


CryptoTrader Strategies that we have also reviewed and tested

We are going to add here each and every cryptotrader strategy that we have tested:

Blade Runner

The Blade Runner Bot is created by Thanasis. We were very disappointed in comparison to the ‘Johny’ strategy. Click on the link or picture to find out more!

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NightMare Ex

When will your next test start?

Rj Thermo

I’ve been contemplating of making a Trading Bot myself which I think will yield an excellent result on Auto Pilot, i.e. once hooked up and activated will continuously give you a fortune. 24/7. But the problem though is I don’t know programming and I don’t have money to pay somebody to make me one. If interested I would be willing to discuss further the details by messaging me first Ref; PTB24/7 before calling here +966561402072.


Crypto trader rented bot did not connect to exchange apis and the WILL NOT offer a refund – be warned lost 100 USD and they will not offer help!

mourad med

good luck for testing CryptoTrader
i will try later

andrea van de kleut-stamm

commissions are too high to attrack new clients , Also there is no way to “earn” btc stake first , lots of people are nervous about sending people btc. and NOT getting the credit for it and end up losing their money “Crypto Trading” does not offer anything like this.

Bojan zivkovic

broos what to sey test it i dont know what is abaute the trader but i think the best is all curencies tree trades max per day martigaylet and use stocastic and macd add
bolinger and contra tradet when hits high trade put and oposite …that s the simplest i can sugest good luck and write rewiev soon …thank you


Great write up!

I’ve tried out some of the free bots available on the site, but hadn’t had much luck with them might have to try out this one for a month to see how I go .

Also for some reason on your site there is a weird image which is blocking some of the comments, you might want to get that fixed.



The image for andrea van de kleut-stamm is oversized and partially blocking the corresponding comment when viewing this page on a Mac using Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

Great write-up!

Deborah N

Good day

Thank you for the info. Please clarify for me how do I go about to register for trading and what the minimum amount?



Hi Philip,

Thanks for listing down the steps in a detailed manner.

Could you please elaborate on the concept of breaking even?


For all current discounts check http://cryptotrader-discounts.com


can you teach me how to trade crypto currency


how much can i start with both for the platinum subscription and the deposit for the trading.?

if i invest $5000, what are the likely return in a month?

thank you



i deposited in their automated bitcoin trading but sad to say eventhough blockchain has confirmed the deposited btc it does not appear on my accnt.i did try again but sad to say same scenario,i lost 0.11btc

Kehinde Olusanya

Hello, I am a new trader. Please can I send btc from my wallet to trade from your exchange trading platform after I might have open an exchange account with you? Please send me the exchange account opening link, if the above is possible. Thanks


Hello sir
I’m not a trader but I invest on poloniex I made some profilts and that’s awesome whatever I know About cryptocurrency only just because of you so now I need some tips so I can start myself can you suggest any tipper


I think you should next test the PLB Unlimited Strategy since it is the most popular. Sometimes you get what you pay for.


Please review the Thanasis, Blade Runner strategy- Claims 100% win ratio (which is a bit of a red flag for me but hey)


Please share your results!


it is 100% win ratio because its open close trading, it will never fail because
it will never close open order until it profit, so if you have all the time in the world
you will always win.


In that case it should be called HODL-Bot


Hello. I’m new to trading cryptocurrency, I haven’t done anything yet, but I’m beginning to be interested. So to the questions: First question, I’ve been watching the ETH/USD chart for some time, and I thought – is it tradeable on ETH/USD? Like buying ETH for around 350 dollars per unit atm, and selling that amount at 390? I’m not that comfortable with cryptocurrencies only trades, like ETH/BTC, because I can’t see directly the value in real currency. I read somewhere that there are higher fees for trading real/crypto. Also, the terminology being used here is obviously the same as in… Read more »


Thank you Philip. What about cloud mining? I read your article on that, I saw the best being Hashflare’s ETH mining, which was indeed something I would look for, but I visited their website, they offer ETH cloud mining for reasonable money and without fees, the problem is, that it’s a 1-year contract. With 461 days to ROI? Or it works in a different way and I’m just not getting it?

Kind Regards,

RobotFX Renko Chart

hi!,I really like your writing so a lot! proportion we communicate extra about your article on AOL? I require a specialist in this house to resolve my problem. Maybe that’s you! Taking a look ahead to look you.


Thank you for all your efforts ! Very detailed and helpful thank you so much for all efforts you put in it

donald wright

Great post, really enjoyed your insight!

Daddy Bot Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtO9P4d-bH0

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