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An unusual thing has created congestion on the Ethereum Network. We are talking about cats. Yes, cats. CryptoKitties is one of the first card games to be built on blockchain technology. As of today, the game has moved almost $5 million dollars. Some days ago, 15 percent of all the Ethereum traffic was dedicated to this game.

CryptoKitties – Addictive Game on the Blockchain

In CryptoKitties, users can buy, sell and collect different cats. The most impressive thing is that sometimes; cat prices are really high. For example, the most expensive cat ever sold cost 246.9255 ETH ($117,112 dollars). The transaction was performed on December the 2nd and the cat name was Genesis.

The average sale price at the moment of writing this article was $126 and the median sale price $23.75 dollars. That represent an increase since the last days, when the median sale price was around $10 dollars and the average sale price $110. The cheapest cat in-game costs 0.01 ETH or $0.46 dollars.


Cats in game have different features and colours that make them special. Cats with golden background have been sold for a higher price than cats with other colours. But according to the company, there is no ‘rarity scale’, that means that users decide which cats are the most valuable

The game was developed by AxiomZen, a venture studio located in Vancouver and San Francisco. As reported by the company, the game will receive further updates and developments in order to offer a good quality product.

Blockchain Pets vs Webpage Pets

In the web, there are different sites that offer the possibility to own a pet. In these kind of games, the owner can play, take care of the pet and purchase different upgrades. But the main difference between these games and CryptoKitties is that the second one is built on Blockchain. That means that you are the real owner of the cats you have.

The Etheruem platform works with smart contracts that can be transacted between users. Every cat you buy is yours due to the decentralized nature of the network. In normal pet webpages, like Neopets, you are not the real owner of the animals you have. If the company behind the pet webpage decides to close the game, then ‘your’ pets will not exist anymore.

Prices have been increasing and fluctuating day after day. One cat can cost as much as $50,000 dollars. With this platform, several early users would be able to make lot of money speculating with the price of some cat cards. Moreover, it is interesting to see how different developers innovate with blockchain and smart contracts.

Will you buy some cats in CrypotKitties?



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