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Introduction – Problems and Solutions

CriptoHub is a newly launched Initial Coin Offering (ICO) located in Brazil aiming to become Brazil’s number one cryptocurrency exchange. The main purpose is to make a crypto exchange that makes it easy and accessible for Brazilians to gain exposure to virtual currencies.


The reality is that Brazil does not have many virtual currency exchanges available with only a few cryptocurrency options to buy. In Brazil, this is a real problem for its citizens to be able to acquire cryptocurrencies in the market.


Brazilians spend more than 10 billion real each month on Bitcoin, but with the poor options offered in the market, many citizens are not entering the market. There is a huge potential for CriptoHub to grow in a market with 200 million people, 5,000 Bitcoins transacted per day and 1.5 million of crypto investors.


CriptoHub wants to build a brand new exchange that would offer its users more options such as the exposure to a wider range of virtual currencies. The company will be offering other services, including a prepaid credit card and additional business-to-business (B2B) solutions.

The Benefits of the CriptoHub Exchange

The exchange will be implementing a referral program that will pay 20% of its users fees to whoever is indicated. The idea behind this is that the exchange will in effect grow fast by the community referring friends in exchange for CriptoHub rewards.


Brazilian exchanges do not offer a wide variety of options to their users and that’s something very disappointing due to the fact that there are more than 1,600 currencies available. As a result, CriptoHub will increase the number of cryptocurrencies offered to the Brazilian market.


Moreover, CriptoHub will also develop a simple module for e-commerce companies in Brazil that are interested in selling with cryptocurrencies. The software will automatically transact the currency chosen as a trading pair and convert it into the national currency of an e-commerce store’s preference. Additionally, the CriptoHub exchange will be offering 0.7% fees for trading compared to its competitors that offer 1%.


The CriptoHub Token — CHBR

The token used at the exchange is known as CriptoHub Coin — or CHBR. It uses the Ethereum ERC20 technology, bringing scalability and security to  CriptoHub users. What’s more, the token holders will have exclusive benefits.


Token Allocation:

  • 55% of the tokens will be distributed to the community.
  • 20% of the tokens will be distributed to team and founders.
  • 15% of the tokens will be distributed to advisers.
  • 10% of the tokens will be reserved for bonuses and other expenditures.

Fund Allocation:

  • 28% Marketing
  • 7% Reservation
  • 35% Development
  • 5% Legal
  • 25% Operational

There will be only 100,000,000 tokens available and each CHBR token costs 0.0005 ETH. New tokens will not be issued and the unsold tokens will be destroyed. The ICO accepts a wide range of virtual currencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin, among others.

The Team

Ramon Vailatti:

Ramon Vailatti is the CEO and founder of CriptoHub. He has built 2 companies with more than 8-digits billing and has more than 10 years working with businesses on the web.

Victor Gamarra:

Victor Gamarra is the CMO and marketing Manager of CriptoHub, SEO specialist and has been working in large-scale digital campaigns.

Marlene Schommer:

Marlene Schommer is the Chief Financial officer, project and financial manager. She has a broad range of experience working with large companies in Brazil.

Leandro Francisco:

Leandro Francisco is the COO of CriptoHub. He is a programmer, blockchain scholar and has led large teams of professionals.

Glauco Gobatto:

Glauco Gobatto is in charge of business development and partnerships. He manages corporate partnerships and actively pursues activities for long-term growth.  

Furthermore, other team members include Bruno Ampessan, Jorge Busana Jr. and Diego Almeida. CriptoHub is advised by Matt Trainer, Chad Anderson, Andrew Pancholi, Dr Marcio Barbero, Rafael Vidal Rawadauski, Piero Bitencourt Contenzini, Jessé Borges, and Mario Michna.


CriptoHub solves some complex problems in the Brazilian cryptocurrency market and is bringing more options to Brazil. At the moment, there are just a few choices available to Brazilian crypto investors — meaning that there is a massive gap that needs to be filled. CriptoHub may very well become the no.1 crypto-exchange in Brazil.

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