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New article: Cryptocurrency Trading

We have just published a new article about cryptocurrency trading! It convers following (and more) crypto-themes an questions:

  • What is Cryptotrading?
  • How to get started into trading bitcoin?
  • Why trade bitcoin?
  • How big are the Spreads in the cryptotrading?
  • What are Margins in terms of cryptotrading?
  • What are Leverages in terms of cryptotrading?
  • What are bitcoin and altcoin trading bots?
  • What are the most important crpyto-trading rules?

Cryptocurrency Trading

Future article: Cryptocurrency Trading

We are working on a tool, which covers our own trades. This means, that you are going to be able to see what we are trading at the moment and mimic step-by-step each of our trades! We are looking for this crypto-trading feature for the early of march 2016.

Future article: Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We are trading on bitfinex, kraken and poloniex. We want to make a list with the best and most secure cryptocurrency exchanges. For this, we want to cover and compare all of the best and most used exchanges. This list should be published in the middle of march 2016.

Future article: Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) Bot trading

This is an article and theme in which we are highly interested. Though we don’t have experience in this, we are going to make a deep analysis on bitcoin bot trading, and see if this generates any success. Neverless, we are trying to make this happen in the beginning of Q2 2016.


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