CryptoAds CEO and Founder Oleksii Vinogradov is convinced that he has the team to make the company’s decentralized marketing and advertising platform the focal point for interaction between brands, digital advertisers, marketing experts, content publishers and everyday online users. And his conviction appears to be contagious, given the quality of the advisors he has brought on board.
Oleksii Vinogradov notes: “While I am naturally proud of my team and our achievements to date, I am delighted to have the backing of such skilled advisors as Jason Hung, Anders Larson and Joakim Holmer, who will play a vital role and be intimately involved in the project over the long term.”
Mr. Hung is a serial entrepreneur and investor in mobile businesses and the blockchain ecosystem. He founded the software company Treascovery, and also co-founded mobile application service company Chidopic and the decentralized digital asset trust service TimeBox.Network. A top-6 blockchain expert of ICObench and the International Blockchain Consulting Announcement Group, Mr. Hung has management experience in R&D, IT sales and consulting services, with nine technology-related patents used by more than 2,000 apps to his name. Commenting on the benefits of the decentralized marketing and advertising platform, Mr. Hung notes: “CryptoAds is a transparent and secure solution built on blockchain and designed to shorten the value and ad supply chain between brand and consumers by eliminating intermediaries. CryptoAds gives power back to the consumer.”
The appeal of mobile advertising to consumers is likely to increase going forward. According to a recent report, video is projected to account for 75% of all mobile traffic by 2023. CryptoAds has secured the support of advisors with backgrounds at information and communication technology provider Ericsson, who also consult a major blockchain player in mobile telecoms.
Ericsson Vice President and Head of Network Products Anders Larsson is a trusted advisor to crypto projects, including BubbleTone with its Blockchain in Telecom ecosystem, which is cutting out middlemen in mobile services. With more than 20 years of experience in developing 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies, Mr. Larsson also has impressive crypto credentials, co-founding allcoinWiki and building a master database for the project with all coins in crypto. He has been voted a top five Blockchain Advisor worldwide. He is bullish about CryptoAds: “I want to help bring crypto to the masses just as I have helped connect everyone with telecom. I am proud to be advising CryptoAds that started in 2011 having 7M users today, that is now transitioning from CallsFreeCalls to an online trading platform and a promising B2C model.”
Mr. Joakim Holmer is also co-founder of allcoinWiki with Mr. Larson. Starting his career at Ericsson initially as a mobile communications software engineer before moving onto various technical leadership roles globally, he is remembered in particular for completing the seemingly impossible delivery of a 500 team-member project to AT&T. Upon project completion, he gave all team members a T-shirt reading “Everything is Possible.” Mr. Holmer has had senior roles at companies ranging from Red Hat, TradesCloud to SAP, and also advises crypto projects in telecoms and other sectors. As well as the transformational qualities of CryptoAds, Mr. Holmer cites other stand-out features: “The company leverages the benefits of blockchain to bring transparency to the advertising sector, eliminating any attempts by users on the platform to change their past transaction history. In addition, it is building on a significant potential customer base for advertisers and content publishers, as seven million people are already registered on the platform.”
CryptoAds CEO Oleksii Vinogradov draws on his 25-year track record as an entrepreneur, investor, and founder of 11 successful companies. His team currently consists of more than ten people. Proficient in various programming languages, CTO Andriy Mykhailyshyn has extensive implementation and project development experience, while CFO Oksana Tsibka has acquired considerable expertise in the hospitality industry. Tudorache Alexandru, Vice-President of Business Development, is a seasoned business consultant, and particularly knowledgeable about affiliate and digital marketing, high-risk payment processing and website management.
As the CryptoAds platform has a core base of users from the CallsFreeCalls (CFC) project, a platform offering free international voice and text traffic services in exchange for the distribution of sponsorship offers, key team members unsurprisingly also include telecoms professionals. Valeriia Zaraniants, Vice-President, Co-Founder and CEO of IХC Global Inc., is responsible for telephone traffic. Evgenia Yanitskaya is head of technical support for the platform.
CryptoAds can also draw on other acknowledged figures on the crypto market for advice, such as Internet entrepreneur Dmitry Kuplevatsky; Igor Matsanyuk, successful investor and visionary behind the Russian game market; blockchain investors Drs. Hans Koning TIIM and Richard Trummer; Igor Ryabenkiy, Managing Partner at Altair Capital Management; Alex Shifrin, Managing Partner at LP/AD; and consultant Kostiantyn Bravo, who has focused for the past two years on mining and the delivery of equipment for crypto currencies.



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