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Options are always a good thing to have. Crypto payments have mostly been seen as too risky and complex in to use in luxurious institutions. The times are definitely changing and once again, Switzerland is making great progress in its tourist and technological development.

When it comes to luxurious tourist locations, the clients have always enjoyed diversity when it comes to payment options. The Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich, announced at the end of last month that crypto payments are now an option for its guests. Payments can be completed in both Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Inacta is the fintech firm tasked with the development and application of the crypto payment feature. An easy to use app enables guests to pay for all of the hotel’s services with their crypto wallets. All conversions between crypto and fiat currencies are handled by Bity, a Swiss crypto exchange. More cryptocurrencies will be added in the near future.

Crypto payments are being aimed at HODLers

Roger Darlin, the head of Inacta’s blockchain advisory stated that the app will mainly target HODLers who do not want to convert their crypto holdings into fiat:

“We aimed to app at customers who have built up crypto holdings and do not have any desire to convert them. This will also allow vendors, who are rightfully cautions about handling crypto payments, to accept payments from these clients with ease.”

More and more companies and institutions worldwide are beginning to accept crypto payments. Avnet is a Fortune 500 company partnered up with BitPay. Just recently, the company announced that crypto payments are now being accepted through their partner.

With over 15 000 employees in Europe, Asia and North America, Avnet is making a bold step forward. The company stated:

“There are approximately 250K on-ledger Bitcoin transactions completed daily. We understand that the landscape is evolving and we’re positioning ourselves and our clients to be ready.”

While these are certainly small steps, it’s evident that this is the way forward. Last month, the largest subway and railway operator in Japan, Japan Railways (JR) Group, shared that crypto payments were being heavily discussed as a payment option.

More and more sectors will eventually begin accepting crypto and in about 20 years, this would probably be the most normal thing in the world. Let’s not forget, that back in the early 2000’s the majority of the world never even considered to create an e-mail account.

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