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No matter how many goals Bitcoin surpasses, it seems that crypto mobile apps aren’t increasing in popularity.

Since the start of the year, bitcoin has more than tripled its price, but there doesn’t seem to be any increased interest in crypto mobile apps.

Crypto-related apps saw a dramatic increase in popularity in the first half of 2018. Since then, interest hasn’t increased or decreased despite the change from bear to bull market.

Crypto mobile apps have a lot to cover in the near future

According to App Annie, a total of 65.8 crypto mobile apps were downloaded back in the first half of 2018. This year, the first six months have a total of 67 million which is a growth rate of 1.81%.

A few apps like the Gemini exchange have managed to attract a mild amount of interest, but nothing that would completely shake the entire mobile app market.

This should be used as a very clear indicator that consumer enthusiasm is by no means the only factor for bitcoin’s bull run.

It’s very hard to accurately pinpoint the single most important factor driving the crypto bull run. Some will point out to Libra, while others will suggest that the recent geopolitical conflicts have a much larger role to play.

There is no doubt that international demand for cryptocurrencies is rising. Genesis Capital data also shows that institutional investor activity for cryptocurrencies has risen with more than 300% for the last year.

With all these factors combined, the huge surge in crypto price has a solid foundation. When it comes to the raise of crypto mobile apps however, it seems that it’s a question of mainstream adoption. This issue will inevitably get solved as cryptocurrencies become more popular and integrated within everyday life.

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