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The crypto markets made a small return today, as across almost all green can be seen down the cryptocurrency list. The total market capitalization returned today to 300$ billion for a short time and is 295$ billion currently.

The Crypto Markets are green

Bitcoin climbed from 6500$ to 6750$ no time and reached 6822$, increasing by 5% today. As of writing this article, Bitcoin is trading between 6750$ and 6800$. Bitcoin’s volume has picked up and is increasing steadily. For trading, Bitcoin price ranging openned up some interesting trading opportunities. Both Ethereum and Bitcoin prices of other cryptocurrencies need to be watched upon.

Ethereum increased today by 9%, increasing from 500$ to 542$. Currently, Ethereum is being traded at 535$ and Ethereum’s trading volume has also increased gradually.

From the top 10 cryptocurrencies, only TRON took advantage. A nice bull run, took TRON’s price from 0.042$ to 0.051$ in less than 24 hours. TRON realized a near 20% increase in less than a day. Also TRON’s volume tripled for the same time period, opening it for trading ventures. In side TRON news, TRON founder acquired BitTorrent recently. Click here to read the article and to learn why does Justin Sun need BitTorrent inside his TRON plan.

Binance Coin was red today, but there is a clear reason for this. Binance Coin was increasing a lot for the past week and had risen even when all other cryptocurrencies were falling, so it is natural for the currency to consolidate downwards a bit. Still the currency is in more than a great space.

Days like these open up countless opportunities for trading with all kinds of trading pairs. All cryptocurrencies can be looked in fiat currency prices, Bitcoin and Ethereum price. All of these pairs open up countless opportunities for experienced traders to take advantage off. The Crypto markets are green, following a week of decline. Read our recent Cryptocurrency Price Analysis to get a quick glimpse of what happened this week!

Although its hard to tell, there are mainly two scenarios ahead. Either another bull runs are straight ahead or a consolidation phase in which price movement will be range bound. Hodlers are having their game and should sell high and not crumble to the pressure. For traders, exciting times are comming with many trading opportunities.

Graphs Source: Coinmarketcap

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