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Crypto Market

2018 has been very hard on the crypto market and investors. With the recent crashes we can conclude that the bubble popped and it’s hard for some people to admit it to themselves. But despite of all the negativism that is floating around, long term Crypto believers like myself still know that the impact of digital currencies isn’t measured in dollars. It’s hard on alot of investors that invested between November 2017 and February 2018, but that’s why you invest in crypto only those funds that you can afford to lose. And despite the low prices, you only fascilitate the losses if you sell low. In my opinion you only sell if you need the money or have credit debt. Those that can afford to wait, in my opinion should.

Yes, the bubble popped, but we can learn from other bubbles like the dot com bubble, when the prices of internet companies’ stocks skyrocketed then crashed down. The irrational hype of investors created and then popped the dot com bubble, but after that the market had time to mature and to grow to one of the best investments markets ever. Too many people entered the crypto market for quick profits and now most of those people are bailing, but the crypto market are here to stay. The impact  of digital currencies has yet to be felt, like other revolutionary technologies like the Internet. Also, for cryptocurrency traders, there are many ways to hedge with stablecoins and thus to evade these crashes. During the recent crash, all cryptocurrency volume doubled as you can see the charts below. Charts are from Coinmarketcap.

The volume of all stablecoins is high, which is normal in bear markets. But Tether (USDT) has been holding to the number 2 spot for active volume for a long time now. The crypto markets present a lot of opportunities for traders and Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance also believes that the current bear market presents many opportunities. He also noted that Binance and the markets are currently in a “favorable” position, despite the almost full year of downward price movement. The market just reached an incredible peak and 11 months later, it’s lost 70% of its value during the 4th biggest correction in its short 10-year old history.

The crypto market has a healthy volume

Zhao has been very open about Binance’s volume losses. He stated that the exchange is down nearly 90% since the beginning of the year. The main factors according to him, were the correction and Bitcoin’s high levels of volatility during the last few months. Zhao made sure to note that the business is still going, with a profit. Despite the 90% drop in volume, the exchange is still trading in huge volumes.  The exchange being profitable is probably due to the ever-increasing amount of users who deposit and trade with BTC. When asked about the long term growth of Binance he stated:

We are signing up a large amount of users daily. From our current observations the system seems to be quite healthy. Both the crypto we hold and the new users are increasing at a steady pace. If we take a look at our cold wallets and the amount of BTC we hold, we can see an increase in the deposits.

With the crypto market taking a sharp downturn in the beginning of the year, many research companies started investigating. TABB Group came out with a report, stating that the over-the-counter market (OTC) is roughly 2-times the size of the crypto exchange market. OTC is used mainly by large institutional investors for trading. Zhao was quick to note that the OTC market was estimated to be at least as large as the live recorded volumes of many exchanges.

That being said, the actual trading volume of the crypto market is roughly twice the size of the current volume. In the beginning of the month, daily trading volumes were estimated to be around $11.7 billion. This means that if the OTC market is indeed the same size as the crypto exchange market, the real volume of the crypto market must add to over $23 billion. Zhao finished up by saying that he’s expecting a large positive development in the near future, which could be the long-awaited catalyst to push the crypto market back up.

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