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$50 million were recently raised by Nickel Asset Management. The UK-based hedge fund manager raised the funds to support its new crypto investment fund.

The newly-launched crypto investment fund is geared towards experienced crypto investors who are looking to make a profit in the volatile crypto markets. After the funds were raised, the newly-dubbed “Nickel Arbitrage Fund” became one of the very few investments funds which focuses on cryptocurrencies and has the approval of UK regulators.

The fund gets its name due to its focus on arbitrage trading. This type of trade allows traders to buy an asset in one exchange and make profit while selling it in another one for a small profit. Traders basically benefit from the very small differences in price.

The crypto investment fund should mostly be used by experienced traders

That being said, crypto markets are known for their rather violent volatility, which is probably one of the reasons why many investors tend to avoid the markets. In the Nickel Arbitrage Fund however, experienced investors will be able to gather profit from their market knowledge.

The Nickel Arbitrage Fund has a lot of potential since there are a lot of exchanges which currently trade digital assets and derivatives across the world. If both speed and execution quality are on the required level, the crypto investment fund can profitably make markets and improve liquidity for other participants as well.

The CEO of Nickel Asset Management Anatoly Crachilov, stated that it’s not surprising that the crypto investment fund got a stamp of approval from the UK regulators. He states that he believes it’s simply a matter of time before digital assets become an inseparable part of institutional portfolio allocations for investors from around the globe.

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