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All crypto giants started small.

Not too long ago, Bitcoin was regarded as money for geeks that they can order pizza with. If we fast forward a few years, we’ll see that Bitcoin opened up the world to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general.

There are many different coins, countless innovative projects and a fully evolved ecosystem. Transactions are getting smarter, safer, more transparent, resistant to censorship and already eliminating the need for “trusted” intermediaries.

Needless to say, the global financial markets, experienced a state of awe as they rushed to join in on the craze over the new technology. For just a few years this inspired and gave hope to many across the globe. This has unfortunately enabled some ICO’s to quickly write up their whitepapers with shady fundraising goals for a quick buck. Profit is on most people’s mind and this has given ICO’s their recent bad reputation.

But there are giants in the crypto industry, who are not in it solely for profit. These people travel the world, spreading innovation and lightning sparks everywhere they go.

Crypto giants seek to help others before they help themselves

Vitalik Buterin needs no introduction. His work has allowed blockchain technology to change the lives of countless people and he’s just beginning. Scalability has been the biggest challenge and the crypto giant understands that in order to overcome this obstacle and go one step near to mass adoption, he requires the help of the global crypto community.

The Ethereum Scalability Research and Development Program was announced in early 2018. It was to provide $50 000 to $1 000 000 to worldwide groups, working on the scaling and off-chain strategies. This is obviously only the first step towards mass adoption as many more decentralization app and infrastructure needs to be built.

Mick Hagen, the CEO of Mainframe is another crypto giant working towards a more prosperous future for everyone. He organized a World Airdrop Tour and donated 1000 ETH to the Freedom of the Press Foundation. Mainframe is doing incredible work towards censorship. The company is working day and night for the people’s privacy and freedom.

They travel the world with their famous airdrop events and spread their message against central bodies. Their Airdrops were done across the entire world (Warsaw, Hong Kong, Zug, Tokyo, Seoul, London,Shanghai, Beijing, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin) to meet their community. On the donation to the Freedom of the Press Foundation, Hagen said:

“The mainframe team is delighted to support an organization with similar views as ours. Our community wants to preserve privacy, freedom and digital security. This contribution will speed up the research and adoption of decentralized technology for the battle against censorship and the promotion of security.”

Some crypto giants try to keep out of the spotlight despite their great efforts

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance is another crypto giant seeking to spread cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to the masses. Last month, Binance set up a fiat-crypto exchange in Uganda and is already preparing to enter the North American market. When we look at the development programs, the company seeks to create jobs for over 5 000 people in 5 years with a long-term ambition of over 50 000 jobs. Zhao says:

“I want to help Africa and South America grow. I want to help Asia and other human beings, but I can only do my part in helping. I strongly believe that crypto will have a positive impact on people’s lives.”

Binance has quite the unique way of investing. They launched the Binance Labs $1B fund. They seek to invest in infrastructure of blockchain and applications with real use cases being built. This is done to grow the industry and help young companies find their footing at the same time. Being the leader means you have to lead by example, and Binance does just that.

It’s great to see there are still companies who seek to help and guide the developing nations and smaller companies. At the end of the day, these crypto giants will end up helping humanity more than anyone else.

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