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Crypto ETF

Ethereum’s creator and CEO, Vitalik Buterin posted a great tweet recently talking about what is more important for the Cryptocurrency industry than a Crypto ETF. In the tweet, he wanted to redirect the attention to mass adoption, rather on Exchange-traded Crypto funds. He noted that ETFs are cool and all, but the Crypto community needs to find better ways for people to buy and transact with Crypto, and a widespread Crypto card will be great.

Retail Crypto adoption will do more for Cryptocurrencies in the long run than ETFs, so it is important for the Cryptocurrency industry to keep their focus on mainstream adoption. Still, the Crypto world is developing and there are already plans for commercial Cryptocurrency Point-of-Sale machines to operate in the next 2 years and also Coinbase is working on a commercial way to spend your Crypto with a Gift Card. You can read more in the links after the article.

What are Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Exchange-traded funds are securities that follow an index, assets, commodities or bonds like index funds do. They are different than mutual funds, because ETFs are traded like normal stock on exchanges. ETFs are a great alternative for small investors, because they have lower fees and higher liquidity. Crypto ETF is being hyped for a long time now and many think that it will bring a lot of exposure for the Crypto market.

Unsurprisingly, the tweet by Vitalik Buterin sparked a discussion on twitter and there were opinions from all specters. Some think that using Crypto for daily transaction brings no benefits, which is as absurd as it sounds. Others were quick to note that earning and transacting with Cryptocurrency will be the big next step to mass adoption. Some pointed out to regulations staying in the way and others were really hyped about investing in a Crypto ETF.

Crypto ETF will bring prices up, but will they help for adoption

A big Crypto ETF will definitely bring Cryptocurrency prices up by bringing beginner Crypto investors to the market. Recently it was declared by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities. This was welcomed by the community, because it was a green light for Crypto ETF expansion and opens up doors for Cryptocurrency payments in the future.

But when you add to the mix Cryptocurrency Point-of-Sale machines and Cryptocurrency Gift cards, it seems that Cryptocurrency adoption is coming slowly, but surely. Also, Vitalik Buterin is pushing for mass adoption, because Ethereum has many different real world use cases that wait to be explored. Ethereum will play a vital role both in the Crypto mass adoption scenario and with Crypto ETF. There are around 300 000 developers on Ethereum right now, so every day new and exciting Dapps are created. If you want to read more, click the links below.

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