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September 24th was definitely not a good day for cryptocurrencies. After a few great weeks, altcoins quickly got obliterated and bled heavily, with some of the top 20 altcoins sustaining daily losses up to 34%. Experts and crypto enthusiasts alike are still wrapping their heads around the reasons for this lightning fast crypto crash.

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency led by example once again as it dropped like a rock by $800 in a matter of minutes. Double digit losses were reached very quickly and at press time, BTC is down by 11.39%.

There currently seems to be stability between $8.3K and $8.5K. Unless there are some major developments, investors will proceed with extreme caution in the following weeks.

The crypto crash might just be starting

The crypto crash didn’t stop with just bitcoin though. The entire crypto market looks to be in agony as almost all top altcoins are within the realm of double-digit losses. The huge “winner” in that category seems to be Bitcoin SV (BSV) as the altcoin took a massive 34% hit on the day.

The world’s most popular altcoin also experienced a very bad day as it dropped by more than $50 in the last day. Ethereum’s price dropped down to $156 per coin which was a 24% loss.

Some of the other top 20 coins which followed in the crypto crash were EOS with a daily loss of 29%, Cardano (ADA) and TRON (TRX) both registering losses of around 23%.

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