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A lot of people heavily regret that they did not jump on the crypto bandwagon back in the beginning. While very few people actually knew about Bitcoin back in 2009, there are those who used more than 100 BTCs to buy a single pizza.

Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao recently shared his thoughts in regards to people who believe they missed on the crypto bandwagon entirely. Zhao made it clear that:

“The revolution is still at the beginning of the beginning, so you probably haven’t missed anything yet.”

This was the Binance CEO’s respond to a twitter user who expressed regret that he missed out on the crypto bandwagon back in 2013. During that time, bitcoin and blockchain technology in general were still considered in their infancy state.

Around that time, Bitcoin was incredibly volatile for the market standards and ranged from $13 to $947. Nowadays, cryptocurrencies have lost roughly 90% of their total market cap for a little over than a year. That being said, the price is still “relatively stable” as it constantly hovers between $3200 and $3600.

The crypto bandwagon is just beginning

According to Zhao the best is yet to come.

The tweet was also a reply to Erik Voorhees’ own tweet praising the success of Binance. Vorhees tweeted:

“One cannot but be impressed and inspired by the incredible success that Binance has achieved over the last 1.5 years.”

Znao also didn’t spare any praise towards Voorhees as he mentioned that meeting him back in 2013 was the start of his own crypto career.

Erik Voorhees was also a victim of the bear market. Last year, ShapeShift announced a huge amount of layoffs. Voorhees was quick to publicly accept all responsibility for his company’s terrible state. That being said, every CEO is bound to make financial risks and unlike Hollywood movies, there isn’t always a good ending.

Despite the market’s rough state, Zhao still believes that cryptocurrencies are on their way to bring a financial revolution. A revolution that will disrupt entire industries and shatter the very core of the current financial system.

It’s clear that most great inventions go through good and bad times. The market however, always finds a way to move forward. The Internet was founded in the same way, with great promise followed by a great crash, which later resulted in the technology being the driving force of the 21st century.

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