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Crowd Machine ICO

Crowd Machine is creating the Crowd Computer, a decentralized app execution engine that is powered by a peer-to-peer network of Crowd Virtual Machines (“CVM”) that run on peer devices by device owners who are paid for the excess capacity, which can be used to execute smart contracts and decentralized apps on any blockchain.

Crowd Machine
ICO Status: Running

4.2/5 - (4 votes)


Crowd Machine is revolutionizing the blockchain and decentralized apps sector. By unifying the world’s surplus device processor capacity, Crowd Machine has created a highly capable decentralized Cloud. Embedded within this decentralized cloud is a revolutionary software app creation technology which enables developers and non-developers alike to create blockchain and decentralized apps at up to 45x the speed of conventional development approaches. The technology is blockchain agnostic. It allows apps to integrate with existing smart contracts and extend the functionality of those contracts to deliver contract robustness superior to that currently supported by existing technologies.

Crowd Machine is creating the Crowd Computer, a global decentralized app execution engine. It has been designed to execute blockchain smart contracts and decentralized apps that meet any requirement. The Crowd Computer consists of a peer-to-peer network of Crowd Virtual Machines (“CVM”) that run on peer devices. Device owners are compensated for the use of their surplus processing power to run the CVM.

Embedded within the Crowd Computer is a comprehensive app development technology that allows anyone, from seasoned developers to novices with no coding experience, to develop blockchain and decentralized apps at rates that far exceed current approaches.

The technology employs a systems wide approach across the app lifecycle. It is fully self-contained and removes the need to understand, or pay for, any additional third-party technology required to get apps to market. It is also blockchain agnostic allowing apps to be created that leverage any blockchain including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Furthermore, it provides a means by which sidechain apps can be created without being constrained by the functional limitations of existing blockchain networks.

Crowd Machine also allows its community to contribute source code to its Crowd Share repository. Each time source code is consumed and executed on the Crowd Computer the community member who contributed the code is compensated. Crowd Machine aims to usher in a new era of blockchain network adoption and decentralized apps. The combination of dramatically accelerating decentralized app creation and empowerment of a large population of code contributors, results in unparalleled speed of delivery of solutions to market.

We believe that Crowd Machine will accelerate the adoption of blockchain networks and the creation of decentralized apps leveraging those networks. It will play a key role in ushering in a new stable of market-ready apps that can disrupt the dominance of centralized infrastructure companies.

Crowd Machine has battle tested its technology with Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, AON Hewitt, KONE and Anthem and is already generating revenue.

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Raised Capital:

Venture Round:
None Venture Round

ICO token Distribution:

Community 20%; Sales/Marketing 21%; Direct Marketing 18%; R&D 19%; Support 7%; Management 7%; Travel 3%; COPS 3%; Insurance 1%; Legal 1%

Crowd Machine ICO

2,000,000,000 CMCT

The token is used to reward participants for contributing app pieces (developer content) to the Crowd Share repository and for the consumption of cloud hosting services. Once the Crowd Computer upgrades to a decentralized cloud hosting network, participants on the network will be rewarded in tokens for contributing their compute power to same.

There are no direct competitors that offer both decentralized cloud services and rapid application development and deployment on a single platform.
Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering Crowd Machine
ICO Launch:
1st of April 2018

ICO Finish:
22nd of May 2019

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:
Tokens will not be distributed or available until after April 27, 2018

Platform: Ethereum (ERC20 Token)

Offices and Locations of the Crowd Machine
Cayman Islands

Team behind Crowd Machine

Craig Sproule


Craig Sproule


Experienced CEO and systems engineer. Responsible for product management, financial management and overseeing marketing and strategic technical programs as well as other daily business functions.


Kurt Pfluger


Kurt Pfluger


4-time founder and CEO with breakthrough technology companies. Responsible for Crowd Machine strategic partnerships, the Crowd Federation and community development.


James Duchenne


James Duchenne


Co-founder of Sutton Stone. Mauritius Hon. Representative in the USA for blockchain-based ventures; Boost VC Alumni; Legal Practitioner of the High Court of Australia.


Ben Gorlick


Ben Gorlick


Product Architect, Bitcoin & Blockchain expert, co-Founder of PeerNova focused on mining and blockchain financial applications. Responsible for Crowd Computer architecture and development.


Background-Crowd Machine

Visit crowdmachine.com for more info.


Social stats of Crowd Machine

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