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Craig Wright has always been a controversial figure in the crypto space. He often claims he is the original creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Of course this claims are without any proof, but Wright has kept the spotlight on him ever since bitcoin cahs broke off of bitcoin last year.

Craig Wright has also been very vocal against bitcoin cash users, who also support the original implementation of Bitcoin. He told some supporters of Bitcoin ABC:

“Do not come crying when you are bankrupt.”

He also doesn’t seem to show much willingness to compromise when it comes to bitcoin cash’s next hard fork. This might all change however, because even though Wright initially had the majority of the bitcoin cash community’s approval, today he’s engaged in a fierce battle for its future.

Hard forks are nothing new and unexpected for the bitcoin cash community. This year has seen several, but the upcoming one on November 15th is unique. It’s unique in the sense that it doesn’t have any consensus from the community.

At the beginning the overall discussions were centered around the sets of upgrades, which would have been included in the code update. These all seem like rational and healthy discussions, but when we’re less than 1 week away from the hard fork, all signs point that the currency can be split into two entirely different parts.

Craig Wright is always a cause for division it seems

The first part would be running Bitcoin ABC’s software, while the second will run a software created by nChain. NChain is run by Wright and it has developed Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (Bitcoin SV). The community remains divided and it’s hard to actually pinpoint which side has more support. According to rough data, collected from an experimental predictive trading market, the side, which favors Bitcoin ABC has slightly more support.

Craig Wright has managed to put some of his supporters at a crossroads because he seemed to be in favor of miners using their power to “kill off” the blockchain running Bitcoin ABC. He believes that in order to stop transactions from going through, miners can mine empty blocks on the competing bitcoin cash blockchain. He has stated that actions like this are “included in the protocol” so they are in no way illegal.

Many people will remember that not too long ago bitcoin was facing similar issues. A little over a year ago, the bitcoin community was caught in a heated debate about a small feature, namely the size of the block size parameter. Wright was in the center of attention as usual when many groups threatened to split, he threatened to attack the newly formed chains.

That pretty much sums up how bitcoin cash came to be. The cryptocurrency essentially scrapped the upgrade Segregated Witness for a much larger block size parameter. Even though the bitcoin cash community managed to see eye to eye with Wright, disagreements began to bubble as soon as the community grew in size. It soon found itself immense in its own block size debate.

The Bitcoin ABC software upgrade does not increase the block size. It features some technical changes, with emphasis on the implementation of atomic swaps. Bitcoin SV on the other hand is looking to increase the blocksize parameter from 32MB to 128MB. The arguments are endless and even the developers themselves are splitting into two groups.

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