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We are pleased to give our legal support a shoutout: Oliver Völkel and Arthur Stadler of Stadler Völkel Attorneys at Law, a young law firm based in Vienna, so famous for their expertise in cryptocurrencies that they were recently called “architects of crypto law” from a prestigious Austrian legal journal, have accompanied CoinStaker from the early beginnings. ICOs and ITOs are for them – and not many lawyers can claim the same – no foreign language, but their daily business for months, if not years.

Field of activity

Why blockchain technologies and smart contracts are not in conflict with civil and capital markets law and how all of these keywords can be linked to the existing legal framework – the two lawyers have first-hand knowledge and provide answers to all arising questions. Understanding, buying and trading of cryptocurrencies: everything CoinStaker offers and wants to convey to interested people not only has to be technically feasible, it also has to comply with the applicable legal environment. Online services are not provided in a legal vacuum! The focus of the firm therefore explicitly lies on specific industries. In addition to advising start-ups on establishing companies, financing and hedging of their business model, the lawyers also specialize in companies focused on e-commerce business, and, of course, FinTech companies and cryptocurrencies. Currently no day goes by without Bitcoin in the national and international headlines: whoever wants to shape the future and needs legal advice in that context is on the right track with a cooperation with Stadler Völkel.

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Dr. Oliver Völkel, LL.M., decided to pursue his career as an Attorney in 2010, specializing in banking and capital markets law. In the past, he prepared and supervised large financial transactions for well-known companies and banks both national and international. Today Oliver Völkel focuses on advising companies and banks on banking and capital markets law in general, but with a focus on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Dr. Arthur Stadler previously worked as a research assistant at the European Institute of Public Administration and at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. In 2016, he (co-)founded Stadler Völkel Attorneys at Law. He specializes in data protection, e-commerce, internet law, online gaming and cryptocurrencies.

Both lawyers regularly publish in legal journals, give lectures at events and seminars, and in recent months they have been consulted almost daily on current events related to cryptocurrencies and new technologies. In the future, they plan to successively offer the entire spectrum of a commercial law firm.

If you would like to know more about the two lawyers and their work, you can find some of their publications, articles and interviews here: https://www.svlaw.at/en/posts.



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