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ConnectJob ICO

ConnectJob is a decentralized application that provides most of the daily needs to its users all done by individuals called “Jobbers”. Geolocation is at the heart of the ConnectJob offer, providing its users with services available in their areas, and invoiced in CJT (ConnectJob tokens) or fiat (EUR, USD, etc.) at an hourly rate (Uber like model) that is unique and predetermined for each type of services offered.

ICO Status: Finished

ConnectJob’s ambition is to disrupt the labor market by enabling to connect people looking for a service with people the most capable to provide them this service in a few minutes, at the best price and through geolocation. It represents a revolution in services to individuals as the company intends to surpass its direct competitors by pioneering the flexible workforce business model and provides its users with freedom over the type of services available in a decentralized manner. Using blockchain technology, ConnectJob will allow its customers to exchange value directly without relying on a third party, and ConnectJob’s team will develop a wide range of services around this revolutionary technology. The Company will progressively integrate the platform in the public Ethereum blockchain and will make a progressive transition from a centralized platform to a fully decentralized service, managed and operated by its users. To illustrate, the roadmap for the coming month encompasses numerous features such as:
- The management of users’ assets directly through the CJT token, without trusting involving a third party
- The transfer of Jobber’s reputation on a decentralized manner from our platform to other decentralized applications, by developing a SDK and an API for decentralized reputation validation;
- Integration with decentralized applications currently being built on the Ethereum blockchain (such as uPort for identity management, KyberNetwork for decentralized exchange of tokens, etc.); Our long-term view is that blockchain technology can reshape the way people interact with each other and exchange value. We share the blockchain community vision that a more decentralized world, where citizens regain a form of control over their identity, their data, their money is possible, and we will do our best to contribute to this vision through the next steps of development.

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Raised Capital:
$10,478,883 USD

Venture Round:
Early stage venture (Round 1) Venture Round

2,400 CJT = 1 ETH
ICO token Distribution:

Marketing: 44%
Development: 30%
Operational costs: 27%

ConnectJob ICO

The maximum of Tokens to be issued by ConnectJob for the ICO is 1,692,000,000 CJT. This total will be split as follows:
• 65% of the total Tokens (1,100,000,000 CJT) will be available for the Pre-Token Sale and Token Sale (for investors)
• 20% of the total Tokens will be held in Reserve by ConnectJob (community members, platform subsidies, industry partners, strategic incentives, and additional fundraising, etc.)
• 15% of the total Tokens will be distributed to the team and advisors

The tokens are to be used mainly as a mean of payment for services on the ConnectJob platform. The CJT Token is a utility Token that gives the right to the owner to use it for a particular service, directly on the application. It can also be used for others premium functionalities as presented below.
For applicants:
- 10 % fee instead of 20% when paying with CJT instead of fiat.
- VIP / Premium services are accessible when enough transactions have been performed with CJT. Those services are exclusively payable with those Tokens and include: o Priority access to Jobbers in case of peak demand o Priority access to specific/exclusive services (few Jobbers are available for these types of services) o Guarantee of 5-star Jobbers for any type of service.

For Jobbers: “VIP / Premium” services are payable in CJT tokens:
- Top referencing for their profile (profile moved to the top of the list for a given job)
- Access to more user reviews (limited to 5 reviews for a standard Jobber) Ability to unlock “silver profile” and “gold profile” when the number of CJT transactions accepted are over a certain threshold, which gives access to additional features:
- Additional user details (ranking given by Jobbers)
- Access to the users map (hot spots)
- Access to prices map (areas where a premium is applied by ConnectJob platform in case of peak of demand)
- Additional pictures to the profile description

- SwarmCity: the only competitor using the Blockchain technology and developing a decentralized platform. However, it does not allow to control and manage of Jobbers profile and reputation, the volume and users targeted are very low and the deployment is local vs. international for ConnectJob.
- Stootie: it is a centralized French application which operates as a linking platform between workers and individuals without using geolocation and fixed prices by services offered.
- Helping: a centralized linking platform which offer only cleaning services for individuals (no direct connection between cleaners and individuals)
- Upwork: centralized platform to hire freelancer in various field but not comparable to ConnectJob as it does not allow to connect instantly freelancers and companies
Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering ConnectJob
Pre-ICO Launch:
1st of December 2017

Pre-ICO Finish:
12th of February 2018

ICO Launch:
12th of February 2018

ICO Finish:
30th of April 2018

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:
still not tradable

Platform: Ethereum (ERC20 Token)

Offices and Locations of the ConnectJob
The company is incorporated in Gibraltar and has its offices and team in Tel Aviv, Odessa and Gibraltar

Team behind ConnectJob

Jonathan Gueron


Jonathan Gueron

Co-founder & CTO

Jonathan Gueron is the co-founder and CTO of ConnectJob. Jonathan is responsible for the Blockchain and technology departments at ConnectJob, which includes managing a team of c. 20 developers. Jonathan has significant experience in start-ups and the Blockchain ecosystem. Prior to ConnectJob, Jonathan was the CTO and founder of the European success story, iAdvize. Created in 2010, iAdvize is the leading conversational platform in Europe. The company is established in more than 40 countries with a unique portfolio of 600 clients and 2,500 websites. Jonathan’s experience also includes his Network administrator role at Zlio, a startup founded by Jeremie Berrebi, one of the most influent business angels in France and Israel with more than 350 investments to date. Jonathan founded ConnectJob with the ambition to create the worldwide leader of the Jobber market with the integration of resources provided by the blockchain system. ConnectJob will benefit from Jonathan’s past experiences via his strong entrepreneur mindset and unmatched skills in Software Development, IT and System Administration.

Yoni Assouline


Yoni Assouline

Founder & CEO

Yoni Assouline is the founder and CEO of ConnectJob. Yoni Assouline is in charge of the marketing development notably deploying the application worldwide and ensuring the dayto-day business activity. Regarding the ICO’s operation, Yoni handles the investor relations. Through his experience as a serial entrepreneur, Yoni will establish an efficient and controlled growth of ConnectJob, replicating the best practices he discovered in previous business ventures. Indeed, Yoni has been a very active Business Angel in the Tel Aviv startups ecosystem through several successful investments during the past 5 years. Previously, Yoni founded a renewable-energy company and successfully went public on Enternext, completing the first IPO on this new pan-European exchange. This track record makes him particularly suited to handle investor relations in the context of an ICO. Yoni can rely on the company’s highly dedicated network of blockchain specialists, financial investors, and marketing expert to operationalise ConnectJob’s development and reach the ambitious goals set in collaboration with his team.

Tamir Ruvinov


Tamir Ruvinov


Tamir has held different positions in several leading IT companies and start-ups including HP, Viber and one of the largest Forex companies in the industry. During his career, his responsibilities included: QA engineering, software development, customer support management, QA and project management. His responsibilities include managing the development, product and customer services departments. His ability to multitask and manage large teams enables him to work very effectively under pressure. With almost 20 years of experience in global companies with employees from various backgrounds, Tamir is highly capable of managing teams consisting of individuals from different cultures.

Nechemya Kanelsky


Nechemya Kanelsky


With a sharp and unique way of thinking, Nechemya can turn any business into a successful one. His experience focuses mainly on internet marketing and software development. Nechemya began his career in Internet marketing at the age of 20, when he was engaged independently in marketing leads to leading partner networks in Israel. He generated thousands of dollars a day within the first few weeks, and played a key role in the expansion towards a global company. His development experience began approximately six years ago, when he began to develop websites and Internet systems for private customers with complex requirements. This led to his realization that the real power lies in automation systems; he subsequently developed several systems for automated control of Facebook and YouTube ads. This, in combination with his marketing experience, produced amazing results. In the past two years he also started trading in eBay and Amazon, where he delivered outstanding results. He currently manages the company’s development and marketing field. He is an exceptional team leader and passionately contributes his intelligence and skills to the company. He is ready to step in and assist with any task, contributing his creative ideas to steer the company towards success in an effective and sustainable manner.

Irina Tonkonogaya


Irina Tonkonogaya


Irina holds a Master’s degree in Management of Organizations with honours and a PhD degree in Economics and Accounting. She has over 10 years’ experience in the field of accounting. Specifically, she has worked as a chief accountant for several leading companies. Irina is highly experienced in reconciliation and settlements with suppliers and customers, conducting banking operations, preparing and submitting reports to Tax Inspections, coordinating statistics and other funds. Irina has also successfully lead HR administration and has prepared financial reports for top management. She has strong organizational and analytical skills, and is capable of working under high pressure. Overall, Irina is highly responsible and dedicated to her work. While taking her responsibilities seriously, she performs her tasks with focus and precision.

Beni Issembert


Beni Issembert


Beni is a serial web entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in management and business development, digital strategies, media sales, buying and optimization. Prior to leading the marketing and acquisition strategies for ConnectJob, he managed RMKR Limited, a leading Performance Advertising network. He also founded JJF Media, an Online Advertising Arbitrage firm, served as VP of Marketing at PlyMedia and founded Titan.fr (Playtech – Lon: PTECH). Beni holds an MA from Tel Aviv University (suma cum laude) and has published two books: Fayce, le JE de la paix (Ram Editions) in 2008 and Voyage en Orient (European Academic Press) in 2011.


Visit ico.connectjob.io for more info.


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